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    I have the calendar icon as one of "permanent" five on bottom of my home screen. But it is a day off the correct date (displays 5 instead of 6). Both date & time in system are correct as is the jump to today (both 6). Does anyone know what's going on? Thanks!
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    This is happening to me too. If you find or hear of a fix, please reply to this post and I will do the same.
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    Next day it was mysteriously "fixed" so I'm not sure what happened.

    UPDATE: Spoke too soon. Happened again today. Instead of Aug.12 calendar icon displays #11.
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    I have the same problem and can't seem to correct it. Any ideas?
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    I have this problem today too. Going to try a reset to see if that fixes it.

    Yep, reset fixed it.
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    My Fiance's Pre does this all the time. After a reset it is correct, but several days later, the icon will be incorrect again. Is there a solution to this that permanently works?
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    Mine does the same thing with the icon once in a while. I've found if you turn on airplane mode and then turn it off it's fixed, faster than resetting the phone.
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    Yes, me to...

    I noticed my phone doing that for the last couple of days.
    The date it self seams to change corrcetly, but the Calendar Icon does not update.

    It does update after power cycling the phone...
    I'm on the Bell Network

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