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    When I first tried the Pre demos and attempted to move the cursor around or highlight or copy/paste, I thought this might be a nightmare in the making. Now I'm surprised at just how smoothly I navigate within text. I don't know it if it's because 1.1 or practice-before-purchasing or what but I feel like I'm really getting the hang of Palm's new platform.

    Anyone else surprised at your own progress?

    (I've had my Pre for a week and a half, but I played with demos whenever I could since the launch.)
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    5 way button would still be a big help - pressing Orange and sliding my finger is not a very effective way of getting back to a specific spot when I am trying to edit.
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    Even though I've always hated them... a trackball or even a navigational stub (those tiny little joysticks) would be nice - but I don't really have trouble navigating with orange button and a finger.
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    Count me in. First couple of days was weird. Now, I don't miss it.
    Oh, and it took a week to stop trying to pull out the stylus.
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    I still hate it. Takes me a few tries to position the cursor when I want to edit a message, kind of a pain in the ***. Some sort of arrows keys on the keyboard would've been great.
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    The orange button + finger on the screen is the most spastic concept I have ever seen. Sure, you can get used to it, although I'm not yet (2 months with my Pre), but this is probably the biggest screw up in the UI. Hopefully, Palm will implement the orange button + backspace key for moving the cursor backwards only. Since that is mostly what I'm doing (because I type too fast ...) that would help me a lot ...
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    They should have made that useless silver button a trackball. I am used to no d pad though. Use a diamond for a while and you'll know why.
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    Considering the included button is useless function wise it would have been preferable to have a track ball instead. As it stands its not a huge issue either way.
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    I would like it if you could just hold a finger in the gesture area and scroll or highlight. That way you could copy and paste without opening the slider.

    I actually hope palm sort of copies apple's implimentation of copy and paste in 3.0. As much as I disagree with Apple's business practices, they are still one of the best, if not the best, pioneers in human interface.
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    I adjusted to having no 5-way button... two years ago. (Former iPhone owner here.)
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    Actually I think Palm may be trying too much to outdo apple here:

    I posted a thread wondering if it would actually be possible to re-integrate a 5-way functionality in the Pre...
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