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    Margate FL has them for $150 too.

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    i just got my pre a few days ago at radioshack. as soon as i read the news about the 150 price goin on. i called them today and i will be getting my $50 refund. no questions asked. sweetess!!

    fyi, the price is for new lines only so no upgrades unless you can convince them otherwise.

    edit: im on the west coast (WA to be exact) to anyone wonder on the pacific side
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    Hi just wondering is somebody know how to hear radio stations that use windows media player? And if we going to get skyfire browser comes with flash player already.
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    Went to radioshack today and chatted up the workers. I told them I bought mine about 3 weeks ago from best buy. They gave me a store printout of the 149.99 deal from a display case. I took it to best buy and got the price match. Radioshack on foothill dr. Pasadena, ca rocks. Thought I'd pay them back with a lil plug.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TT BomB View Post
    Do you think a Sprint store will honor that price if I purchased my phone less than 30 days ago? A refund would be sweet!!
    I'm wondering the same thing, just got my Pre two weeks a ago from
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    Just picked up my Pre at Radio Shack in Riverview for sale price of $150!
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    I stopped in my local Radio Shack today and they have yet to sell a single Pre since they got them in stock. Thought that was kind of strange. The Sprint store and Best Buy near me are 20 minutes from here.
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    I just got back from the Shack. Unfortunately they had computer problems (on the sprint side) and I won't get to pick up my pre till tomorrow. They said I'll get the $150 price and free activation though. (they had better)
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    radio shack here in austin texas extended the price through today. They had computer problems over the weekend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nrs View Post
    It took some doing (he couldn't figure out how to do it in the computer, said that not alot of people price match phones) but he gave me a $100 credit ($50 x 2 phones.)
    Best Buy will price match with recognized online retailers for phones. They won't for other products, but cell phones they will.
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    I broke down and joined the Sprint/Pre ranks this weekend due to the sale. Having a great time with the Pre so far ;-)
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    so at radio shack, are you guys able to upgrade and get the phone for 150 or is this for brand new customers only?
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    Got 2 Pre's this weekend at Radio Shack for $109.99 each. $149.99 price less $40 10% discount for signing up for new credit card. The manager took the 10% off of the initial price of the Pre before discounts which was $399.99. Not sure if that was the corrct thing to do but I did not argue.
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