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    till these extended batteries r compatible with the Touchstone ill get for now im not getting them ill settle with 2 batteries
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    Quote Originally Posted by vteclipsegs View Post
    A great number of us only paid $99 for ours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rexalbel View Post
    Best Buy had a screw up last week and they honored the advertised price of $99
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    I'd pay the price for a battery that last 2 or 3 times longer. I'm torn based on the size I'm not sure how I would feel. Pre with stock battery is 0.67" thick, with the 2800 is 0.75" thick and with the 3800 is 1" thick. I wouldn't think twice about the 0.08" increase in thickness but more than 0.25" increase seems too much to me looking at it without having it in my hands. Although by the math 1" isn't double the thickness it does look like it is twice as thick. 0.75" hardly looks any different than the stock size.
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    I just caved in and picked up the Seidio 2600mah for $57 (with shipping) on Ebay. That was too good to pass up.
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    i would buy an extended battery.. but i think it takes away from the sexiness of the phone.. and i wouldnt be able to use the hard case i just bought..

    by the way.. anyone know which is better the amzer 1400 mah or the seido 1350?
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