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    Has anyone else experienced a bit of give in the jack? The sound cuts out in one ear or the other for a second and needs a bit of a jiggle for the sound to come back. I think its getting worse too

    Lucky me 4 days left before my 30 are up. Was hoping I could be one of those who need not exchange...
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    I have wondered about that as well. One of the most enjoyable features of the phone is streaming Pandora through the home stereo system (if my wife had any issues with me spending so much for a phone and plan, some fine piano jazz from the pre at dinner time smoothed that over quickly). When I wake the Pre up to see who is playing there is often crackling through the speakers (loud!) due to movement at the jack. It is tolerable but hope it does not get worse. I tried a $50.00 Sony Bluetooth arrangement to lose the cord but sound quality and range are poor.

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