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    I'm new to Podcasts, just got it working last night, and was wondering what's good out there. I like news, tech and politics.
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    (not really on topic... but you should change it to: What are your favorite podcats on the Pre?)
    Its all a matter of what you want to listen to. My favorites are these tech podcasts:
    1. This week in tech (TWiT with THE Leo Laporte) comes out once a week on Sundays
    2. Buzz Out Loud (With Tom Merrit and many other CNET personalities) comes out 6 days a week
    3. Cranky Geeks (With John C. Davorak) comes out on Wednesdays
    4. Engadget Podcast (With Josh Topolsky and other engadget editors) comes out on Thurs or Fridays
    5. The Palm Cast (I just started listening yesterday so I don't know too much about it)
    6. Sword and Laser (total n3rd podcast with THE Veronica Belmont and Tom Merrit) once a month.

    There are a TON MORE, but these are the podcasts that I never miss. Hope it helps.
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    PalmCast...of course.

    If you like politics and a little funny/conspiracy I highly recommend the NoAgenda podcast.

    Diggnation is always hilarious and may make you want to drink w/ the booze they drink during the show. I would recommend the video version.

    Also, if you like tech and gadgets, Tekzilla. It's basically the re-birth of TheScreenSavers....again, the video version if you can, but it's available as an MP3 also. There is a "daily" short episode with a once-a-week full episode.

    BOL (Buzz out Loud) is fantastic
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    Cool, I'll check those out. Thanks for your responses.
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    I second NoAgenda. my favorite, hands down.
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    The Adam Carolla Podcast. Hilarious.
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    TWiT, Maximum PC No BS Podast, Munchcast (another Leo Laporte prog about junk food), Tekzilla, and Scam School (another Revision3 production).

    <SHAMELESS_PLUG> And then there's my own, the intermittently-produced 2 Wheel RC Podcast -- it's all about radio control motorcycles. </SHAMELESS_PLUG>
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    Windowsphone world podcast
    The cellphonejunkie
    Mobiletech addicts
    Mobile tech moment
    Dan carlin hardcore history
    Military history podcast
    Paranormal (yes I have tin hat)
    Errie radio
    Black vault radio
    Just some off the top of my head.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMoney749 View Post
    I'm new to Podcasts, just got it working last night, and was wondering what's good out there. I like news, tech and politics.
    One of the Best resources for Netcasts is the T.W.I.Y network

    my favorites are TWIT, FLOSS Weekly, TTG, and Futures in Bio tech.

    Check out TWIT Cast network tech Netcasts
    Lots of tech and non tech Netcasts.
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    TWiT (TWiT Network)
    Diggnation (Rev. 3 Network)
    Tottally Rad Show (Rev. 3 network)
    Tekzilla (Rev. 3 network)
    Bungie Podcast ( - Creators of the Halo franchise
    gdgt -
    Major Nelsons Podcast -
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    Bill Simmons - Sportsguy
    Frosty, Heidi and Frank
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    was gna make a new thread, but found this. Maybe I can revise it? I'm looking for more good podcast suggestions too. I listen to:

    engadget show (video)
    macbreak (can get boring)
    windows weekly (can get boring)
    this week in google
    this american life
    meet the press
    nightly news
    diggnation (can get boring)
    on board games
    music business radio
    bbc documentaries
    60 minutes
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    I only started to listen to podcast because of the Palmcast but now I have started to listen to engadget also.

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    cnet's 404
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    I live by PalmCast, and engadget myself
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    Only a few for me, not enough time to listen to much more.

    Scientific American
    Science Friday
    This American Life

    and sometimes,
    The Straight Dope

    I don't listen to technology podcasts or even Palmcasts because I happen to find people talking about gadgets infinitely boring, and counterproductive. I glean knowledge about such things far quicker and more focused by reading the blogs themselves. As for Palm, this site is my sole source.
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    If you're into completely tasteless comedy talk radio, RED BAR RADIO should be the top of your list.

    Consistently voted as a top 3 podcast on Podcast Alley, the worlds biggest Podcast directory with over 80,000 downloads a Red Bar episode.

    Random Clip

    Gotta support these guys, they are blue collar, not network backed everyday guys who have been doing this before there were even iPods.
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    Here are the ones I listen to:

    Kim Komando
    Mark Levin Show
    Michael Medved
    Clark Howard
    Dave Ramsey
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    windows weekly (can get boring)
    I bet.

    (That was uncalled for, and I apologize.)

    Here are some podcasts I like:

    This American Life (this is what started me on podcasts, and why I finally broke down and bought an iPod several years ago).

    Coverville - 40 to 60 minutes of covers of songs, sometimes featuring covers of each song on an original album, by different cover artists. New show every 3 days or so.

    KEXP song of the day/Current song of the day - free music, one song a day

    NPR Fresh Air - daily, weekdays

    Slate's Political Gabfest - weekly(?) 3 topics discussed

    Wiretap (CBC) - A kind of faux-live phone call show

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    How to survive a zombie apocalypse- a very british-and funny- take on the coming war against the zombies.
    The atomic geeks- Canadian guys talking movies, comics etc.
    PalmCast- what more needs to be said.
    these are my current top three.
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