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  • Palm App Catalog

    7 23.33%
  • Homebrew

    23 76.67%
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    I'm very curious about this.

    Oh, and if you do reply to this post please tell us what apps you use the most.

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    Without question Homebrew
    There is no spoon
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    Definitely Homebrew.

    Maybe wait til the App Catalog gets some meat on it's bones and then ask again.
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    If Tweed wasn't an "official" app, I'd solemnly be using homebew.
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    Mostly homebrew here.

    The new filecoaster makes it too easy.
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    Well, technically, the Browser and Phone App are both Palm distributed Apps. If you don't count the "built in" apps, I use HomeBrew more. A varied collection of games, and Twee.
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    homebrew no matter wut
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    The homebrew apps are pretty useless unless you like games or need to tether.

    My most used apps besides the built in ones are Classic, Evernote, AP, New York Times and Accuweather.
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    I suspect the "real" answer is that the built-in apps are most used ... I think Palm did a pretty good job of making the Pre very usable right out of the box (Contacts, Calendar, Google Maps, Doc View, Media players).

    After that, I find I still use the Catalog Apps the most ... Pandora, Classic, Flixster, FlightView ... all at the top of my Launcher page 2.

    Which is not to say that I don't appreciate the Homebrew efforts. But for me these are mostly the games and and a few apps (like the Golf GPS).
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    The App I most often open up and use is google maps due to my 60mi commute through LA. But technically, My Notification (homebrew) is always running
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    Pandora, sprint navigation, and google maps. I am gonna load my phone with some homebrews tonight.

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