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    My Pre is not happy these days. It's got three problems:

    1. Most seriously, the slider started to fall apart a few days ago. When I first got it, the gap between the two halves of the phone was maybe the thickness of a few sheets of paper. Now, it's almost the thickness of a dime. Needless to say, the "oreo effect" is pretty bad now. Also, the screen kind of rocks back and forth, vertically. When I tap anywhere on the upper half, it feels almost like using a Blackberry Storm, "click, click, click".

    2. It appears to have five dead pixels. They're only visible when the screen is mostly black, so not a showstopper, but still, they shouldn't be there at all.

    3. As I've posted about before, it's got light-bleed around the edges of the screen. It started out as one small dot, just off the lower left corner, a day or two after I bought it (which was on launch day), and by now it has expanded to be sort of a jagged ring, all the way around the screen. Not cool.

    So naturally I called Sprint, to ask for a replacement. The CSR I spoke with was exceedingly friendly and personable, which was great, but unfortunately she wasn't able to help me. She said the Pre is currently back-ordered, so they don't have any to send me. She then proceeded to call all the stores in my area, and somehow none of them have any either. She said one store out of the four had offered to put me on a waiting list for whenever they get more. And of course, they have no idea how long that will be.

    Why do I suspect that if I were to walk in and say I want to buy one, they'd magically have plenty? I've got half a mind to try.

    So next, I called Palm. Guess what? That's right; Palm's got no shortage whatsoever. Surely if Palm's got them, Sprint can very easily get their hands on as many as they want.

    The Palm CSR wasn't exactly the world's greatest English speaker, but she did offer to send me an advance replacement, for a $29.95 service fee, plus a $400 hold on my credit card to ensure I send the old one back to them. That's reasonable enough, considering she also said there'd be no fees whatsoever if I send them mine first. I don't mind paying a fee and offering some collateral for advance service.

    But here was the catch. The advance replacement unit would be a refurb, not a new one. That, I'm not so comfortable with. Maybe the refurb would be in like-new condition, but maybe it wouldn't. It's a risk.

    It told the CSR I'd try my luck with the store, and if that doesn't work out, I'll call back. She gave me a case number, and told me to have a nice day.

    Now, everyone involved here has been personable and friendly throughout each conversation, so I'm not mad at any of the CSR's. But in all my years, I've never experienced such resistance in trying to obtain a new warranty replacement for a phone. Every other time I've had a problem, the store I bought the device from has just swapped it out for a new one, no problem.

    It's simply ridiculous that neither Palm nor Sprint would just say "Oh, I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with this new flagship product that we've totally bet the farm on. We understand that it is YOU, and everyone like you, who will make or break us. We want and need to keep you as happy as possible. Please let us do everything humanly possible to get you a brand new replacement."

    Those of you who have been able to obtain new replacements for your defective Pre, how did you do it? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    I exchanged mine,...twice. I purchased it at a Radio Shack, and both of my exchanges were within the first 30 days. From what I have been hearing, I am glad I bought mine where I did. When I called Sprint directly(for exchange #2), they wanted to have me go through insurance. I wasn't about to do that and end up with a refurb phone. Especially since I was still within the period of time that would allow me to cancel the new contract all together if I wanted to. They told me my best bet in that case would be to go back to Radio Shack, which I did. Not only did they exchange it for me a second time with no hassle, but they even told me I was doing the right thing by bringing it back and that I had 7 of my initial 30 days left. So, if anything happened with #3 I could exchange it again without hassle.
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    Sorry you had an issue.

    If its after 30 days you entitled to a replacement, yes, but this means refurb? Its been like this for a long time with all sprint phones , other people have recieved refurbs and said they were good, why should you get new?

    Your not having an issue with getting a replacement per your heading your just unhappy that it could be a refurb!!!!
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    refurbs are normally good as new, you cant even tell the phone has been used. and the moajority of any refurbs at this point will be from 30 day exchanges since the phone has not been out that long
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    I took mine into the store where I bought it with 5 days left on the original 30 and told them that I was having problems with it shutting off with the slightest jolt.

    She checked for updates, pulled the battery out and put it back in and when I said I felt like the way the phone was acting was unacceptable she told me I should exchange it for a blackberry!?!?!? She said this was a fragile phone and wouldn't stand up to abuse. I haven't abused it at all. She finally said that If I bought the box and EVERYTHING that was in it back that they would exchange it. Hopefully that happens without much problem tomorrow at lunch.

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    Good luck getting sprint to say they have a faulty product. Google touch pro keyboard problem. Its two years later and they still won't admit it. Recalls are not a good thing for a manufacturer.
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    Thanks for the responses, guys. Here's the long, and ugly saga, for those who may be interested. I'll pick up from where I left off in my first post.

    On my way to the Sprint store, I decided to test my theory that they actually do have them in stock, but just don't want to give me one. So I called the store, and asked, "Do you have the Palm Pre in stock?"

    "Yes, we do," replied the eager voice on the other end.

    "Great, I'll stop in," I said.

    Not good. Either the CSR had lied to me about calling the store, the store had lied to her about their inventory, or possibly both. At this point, I was fairly sure how this was all going to end. But I still held out hope that someone at the store would do the right thing.

    A few minutes later I arrived at the store. As I was approaching the front door, an elderly woman with a cane said to me, "You don't want to go in there. It's FREEZING in there." This will become important later.

    "Is it? Thanks for the warning," I smiled back.

    Upon walking in, I was quickly intercepted by a large man at a podium near the door, who seemed to be some sort of receptionist, but looked more like a bouncer. In retrospect, I can only assume he was a bit of both.

    He asked me what I wanted, and I told him my Pre was starting to fall apart. He said, "Ah, so you need a technician. What's your mobile number?" He started typing on his computer, and told me to wait.

    "Odd way to begin," I thought to myself. Never before have I had to 'sign in' like this, just to enter a store. Very strange.

    A few minutes later, a young man called my name. I walked over to his station at the counter, and showed him the various problems with my Pre. After nodding, and acknowledging, "Yes, I see," he took it from my hand, and disappeared behind a door.

    While he was gone, I took a few minutes to examine the demo Pres that were on display. As I suspected would be the case, all of them were perfectly normal. The gap between the two halves of the phone on each of them was nice and tight, there was no floppiness whatsoever, and only extremely minimal "Oreo twist". In other words, their slider mechanisms were exactly as mine had been, up until a few days ago.

    The presence or absence of any light-bleed was impossible to determine, as the store was very brightly lit. The bleed on mine is only visible when the ambient lighting is dim.

    And of course, there didn't seem to be any dead pixels.

    Some time later, the young man reappeared, handed my phone back to me. I could tell right away from the look on his face that whatever had transpired behind that closed door had not been positive. He said, "I spoke with the technician, actually the head technician, and he says there's nothing wrong with your phone. We won't be able to replace it." He seemed almost to be choking on the words a little, as if internally he did not at all agree with what he had to say, and did not enjoy fighting with himself in order to say it anyway.

    I said, "What do you mean, he says there's nothing wrong with it? None of your demo units do this." I proceeded to tap on the upper half of the screen, so that the "click, click, click" sound was clearly audible. "Or this." I twisted the screen to demonstrate its considerable amount of "Oreo effect". "I've looked at other demo units in three different stores. None of them do this. I also know plenty of people who have this device, and none of theirs do it either. And this one didn't do it until two days ago. I don't know what this technician might have said, but I can promise you, this is NOT normal."

    The young man looked to be at a loss for words. "As I said, I talked to the head technician, and we're not going to be able to-" He cut himself off. "You could talk to him if you'd like."

    "I would LOVE to talk to him," I responded.

    "OK, wait here."

    So I waited, and while I did, I once again examined the demo units, just to be absolutely certain they weren't even remotely behaving like mine. They weren't.

    Quite a while later, the young man again reappeared from behind the door, with an older, considerably less friendly-looking, pot-bellied, bespectacled, man behind him. I had to kind of lean out of my way to make eye contact with this other man, and when I did I smiled, as I always do when I'm about to begin a conversation with anyone. I opened my mouth to say hello, but this man cut me off before I could utter a sound.

    "I'll be right with you," he muttered, as he quickly brushed past me to hand a pink phone to a woman toward the other end of the store, and began talking with her.

    "OK, there's someone else ahead of me. No problem," I thought. He could have been a bit more vocal about asking me to wait, but evidently people skills were not this guy's strong suit. It would turn out that "not his strong suit" didn't even begin to cover it. Read on.

    When he finished with the woman, he turned to me, gave me this look which seemed to say "I can't believe YOU really want to talk to ME," and without so much as introducing himself, spouted, "There's nothing wrong with that phone."

    I repeated my previous, "It's not supposed to do this," speech, almost word for word. After all, anyone would have to agree it's malfunctioning if I just demonstrate it clearly, right? WRONG! This guy wasn't going to budge.

    "It has to have some play in order for it to curve as it slides. That's how it's supposed to be," he muttered in sort of an "I'm sooooo obviously the most superior intellect in this entire store" kind of tone.

    "Yes, SOME play, just like all your demo units have, a very slight amount. But not this." I started tapping again, to make the click, click, click sound, as I angled the top of the phone directly into his line of sight, so he could witness the gap changing size from dime-thickness to paper-thinness, and back again. "With all this clicking, it feels more like using a Blackberry Storm than using a Pre," I said. "That's not how it's supposed to be."

    "That's not a comparison an intelligent person can make. The Blackberry Storm is made by Research In Motion; the Pre is made by Palm. There's no comparison to be made there," he snapped back.

    Was he serious?! I could scarcely begin to figure how to respond to that. Not only did he just call me unintelligent to my face, but he also was speaking complete and utter nonsense, himself. Quite obviously, the makers of the devices weren't relevant in any way, shape, or form to the point I was trying to get across.

    "Look, don't insult my intelligence," I said. "The makers of the two devices have nothing to do with why I just said what I said, and you know it. The point was simply that there happens to be another device out there that IS supposed to feel 'clicky' like this, but the Pre is not that device. This is not a normal thing for the Pre. It's supposed to feel solid, just like your demo units do."

    "Those don't get opened and closed. So they don't get loose."

    Nice try, but no. "I also know plenty of people who have this device, and theirs are just like yours. They do open and close theirs all the time."

    "There's nothing wrong with your phone. That's how it's supposed to be."

    He was now speaking much more forcefully than before. While his tone up until this point, if it could be described musically, had been an arrogant, "I'm too sexy for Milan, New York, and Japan," kind of vibe, it was now clearly bordering on "I Hate Everything About You." From his body language, to the piercing look in his eye, to the manner of his speech, every fiber of this man seemed to want to scream, "This is MY castle, I'm the king, and you need to get the **** out of here right now!"

    Perhaps this wasn't the sort of thing any 'king' would want to hear, but a little authority from above seemed to be in order. I said, "Look, I talked with Sprint Customer Service this morning, and they agreed that my phone needed to be replaced. The representative I spoke with called here, and your people told her that you would put me on a list to receive a replacement Pre as soon as you have one in stock."

    "No one spoke with me," he declared, with visible annoyance.

    "I realize that. I'd like to speak with whomever they did talk to," I said.

    "I don't know who they talked to."

    "Well, let's get everyone out here and ask."

    "I can't just call them all into a huddle."

    "OK, let's go around, and ask them each one at a time."


    Wow, just no. He wasn't even going to try to justify it. Just no. I was floored.

    I could tell I wasn't going to get any further with this guy, so I said, very matter-of-factly, "Look, you and I are done here. Can I please speak with your manager?"

    "You need to calm down. Don't be so angry."

    Excuse me, what? Did he really just say that? At that, I could have spent the better part of the day lecturing this fool on the importance of not telling other people what they're thinking and feeling, especially when you have no idea yourself, but I chose just to let it go. "I'm perfectly calm," I replied. "Can I please speak with your manager."

    "You're angry," he said.

    "I'm done with YOU, but I'm not angry. Now, for the third time, can I please speak with your manager? I fail to see why it should be such a big deal to ask to see a manager in ANY retail store."

    "You're shaking," he said.

    Remember I said the old woman's warning about the temperature would become important later? Well here it was. "I'm shaking because it's cold in here. Look around. Everyone in here is shaking." It really was freezing in there.

    He opened his mouth to speak, but now it was my turn to cut him off, just as he had done to me before. "Manager. Now."

    He opened his mouth again, and I cut him off again. "Manager."

    "Not until you calm down!" he exclaimed with visible anger.

    "As I said, I'm perfectly calm. I can tell you something, though." I leaned in very close, and spoke very quietly. "I've been in customer service myself for over 15 years. The fastest way to make someone not calm is to accuse them of being not calm. Is that what you're trying to do here? Because it sure seems like it. Manager, please."

    Finally, he stepped away, tapped a short, heavy-set, curly-haired woman on the shoulder, and motioned for her to follow him behind that same door he had come first come from. A few minutes later, she reemerged, and walked up to me, without saying a word. She did not even begin to introduce herself (Doesn't anyone in this place have any manners or people skills?) until I asked, "Are you the manager?"

    "Yes, I am," she replied, but still did not introduce herself. I didn't even find out her name at all, until I asked for it much later in the conversation.

    I recounted the entire story to her, and once again asked whom Customer Service had spoken with. "I don't know who they spoke with," was all she could say.

    "Well, how about we call them, and ask them?" I began dialing.

    "While you're doing that, I'm just going to look up your account information." She started typing on her computer.

    "Can I ask what you're typing?"

    "I'm just making a note that our technician says there's nothing wrong with your phone, so a replacement is not warranted."

    I was now considering reaching across the counter to strangle this woman. If I wasn't angry before, I certainly was now. But I remained outwardly cool. "So not only are refusing to help me in the store, but you're also doing everything in your power to get Customer Service not to help me either?"

    "They can still override this, if they feel it's necessary."

    Before I could respond to that, Customer Service picked up. I explained the situation, but it was clear the damage had been done. "I can't authorize the store to give you a replacement."

    "How come the representative I spoke with this morning said she could?"

    He simply ignored the question. "We can get you a new phone, no questions asked. Let me give you a website to go to:"

    "Isn't that the website for the insurance company?" I asked.

    "Yes, insurance."

    "This is not an insurance issue. I didn't drop it. I didn't step on it. It wasn't in a fire. It wasn't lost or stolen. To file an insurance claim for this would be fraudulent. Plus, I should not have to pay a $100 deductible for something that is not my fault. This is a warranty issue. Insurance has nothing to do with it. Never in my life have I had to fight like this to get any company to honor any warranty for any product. What's really going on here?"

    He then attempted the mother of all lies, the bait & switch. "Let me speak with the Special Palm Pre Department." He put me on hold for a long time.

    When he came back, he said, "OK, I've arranged with the Special Palm Pre Department for you to receive a new replacement Palm Pre. I just need to verify your address."

    I wasn't about to fall for it. "Will there be any cost?" I asked.

    "The cost is $100."

    "Wait a minute," I said. "You spoke with the insurance company, didn't you?"

    "Yes," he admitted, with very audible reluctance, "The Special Palm Pre Department, at the insurance company."

    "I already told you this is not an insurance issue. This phone is defective, not damaged. This is a warranty issue. Can I have your name please?"

    "My name is Cyrus," he said. "But don't worry, this call is being recorded. So there's a record of everything we've said."

    "Great, can I get a copy of the recording?" I asked.

    He then put me on hold again. After a long wait, someone who identified herself as a supervisor picked up. "Can I ask why you want a record of the conversation?"

    "Well, between the two phone calls I've had with your department, and what's happened here in the store, I've been given a lot of conflicting information. I'd like a record of everything in order to compare what's been said at each stage. I'm sure you can understand why I'd want to be able to do that."

    "We can't just type out a transcript," she said.

    "I'm not asking for a transcript. I'm just asking for a copy of the recording."

    "Recordings are only for training and monitoring purposes, and they get deleted after three days. We don't share them with the public," she said.

    "Well, you might want to have a talk with Cyrus, then. He just told me that I 'shouldn't worry' because the conversation was being recorded. If I can't have access to the recording, how can its existence possibly be a reason for me not to worry?"

    "We don't share recordings with the public."

    "Again, someone might want to tell Cyrus that. In any case, what can we do to get my Pre replaced. Is it within your power to authorized the store to swap it out?"

    "No, it's not."

    "Then how come when I called this morning, the representative I spoke with told me she could arrange it?"

    "That's not something I can do. I could connect you with Tech Support, though, and they could arrange to send you a new one. But if in the opinion of our warehouse technician, there's nothing wrong with your old phone when we receive it, then there will be a $100 charge for an insurance claim."

    "Wait a minute," I said. "The 'opinion of your warehouse technician'? How do I know this warehouse technician of yours will be any more honest or helpful than your store technician? If he says what the store tech said, then I won't even have the phone in-hand anymore to prove otherwise."

    "They don't lie," she said. "If a phone is broken, they say it's broken."

    Once again, it was clear I'd reached the end of the reasonable argument road. At this point, I'd been at this for almost six hours, and I just didn't have much energy left to keep trying. "Go ahead and transfer me to Tech Support," I said.

    When the tech support rep picked up, I once again began to explain the situation, and prefaced it with "You're actually the sixth person I've spoken with today about this."

    She interrupted me with what sounded to be a very sincere apology. It was very nice to hear, but mainly it served to underscore the fact that no one else at any time throughout this entire process had apologized even once before her. As I said, it seems almost no one at Sprint has much in the way of people skills. This woman should have been the rule, not the exception.

    After I explained She went on to say, "This is actually pretty embarrassing for us. ANYONE can order a phone. There's no reason you should have had to go through all this."

    I said, "Thank you. You're the first person all day to acknowledge that. I do appreciate it."

    She took my order information for the replacement phone, but then said, "Now, it looks like we don't have any in stock..."

    I politely interrupted her with "And let me guess. You don't know when you'll be getting more, right?"

    "No, I don't."

    So now we we'd come full circle, right back to where we were when all this started that morning. They can send me a new phone, but they have no idea when. It could be the next day, the next week, the next month, or it could be forever. All this while I know for a fact that they've got plenty on hand for sale. Ridiculous. Simply ridiculous.

    I asked, "Before you place the order, Palm already agreed to send me a replacement, as well. I just thought it would be easier and faster to go through the store, which was what led to all this. If it turns out Palm can ship me one faster than you can, can we cancel this order?"

    She said we could either cancel at any time before it's shipped, or I could just send the new phone right back without opening it. Either way would work. So I agreed to let her order it.

    The following morning, I did two things. First, I called Palm to tell them to go ahead and ship me the advance replacement they had offered. I'm not wild about getting a refurb, but it's better than dealing with Sprint. The package will arrive Monday.

    Second, I called my lawyer to inquire about filing a class action against Sprint. From what I've read on this forum and elsewhere, this "forget the warranty, file an insurance claim" behavior of theirs seems to be systemic. That's not right, and something needs to be done about it. My lawyer agreed, but unfortunately he's not an expert in class actions. He's currently finding me someone who is. I'll post more information for anyone who may wish to join the class, once I've spoken with this expert.

    That's the story, as best I can recall. As I said, I've never ever before encountered so much resistance to the honoring of a warranty from any company, for any product. Sprint's behavior is simply astonishing. Either they're the most blatantly dishonest company I've ever dealt with, or they're just so unfathomably incompetent that it simply doesn't occur to them how dishonest they appear.

    Either way, I'm strongly considering canceling my service with them. As soon as the Pre is available on other carriers, I certainly will, if not sooner. Had this kind of experience happened with any other device, I would have canceled on the spot. But for the time being, I'm too addicted to the Pre to let Sprint's ugliness keep me from using it. As much as it pains me to keep giving them my money, it would pain me even more to give up the Pre.

    Things may change, as other devices evolve to compete with the Pre, but for now, it seems I'm stuck. Palm, I hope you're paying attention. My loyalty to your product has won out over my new-found hatred for the carrier you chose, THIS TIME. You're going to have to work hard to maintain that into the future.
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    It's a shame that Pres seem to be having all of these issues. I love Palm OS, I love the way the phone looks, I can hopefully deal with the awful battery, but the oreo and other issues are just awful.
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    Ouch. Just ouch. Congratulations for having patience with these people. I would have killed half of them...
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    wow, that tech guy is such a tool. I dont have a pre at this point but a friend of mine had a issue where the ear buds were incorrect for his phone. He brought them back to the store and they opened a new phone and gave him the ones from that box.

    I hope you get a good and acceptable resolution for your problem with your phone.
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    I noticed similar behavior today at my local sprint store. My buddy has a PRE which is noticeably tighter and less wobbly then mine, so I went to the store to hopefully exchange for a newer, better one.

    The saleswoman thought it was a swell idea to go in the back and grab me a new PRE to check it out, but the manager was very reluctant. It seems that some internal sprint memo went out telling them to keep bringing up the fact that the pre slides in a curved motion to explain the wobbliness - as they wanted to repeat that ad nauseum.

    The manager finally relented and it turns out the only two new pre's this store had in the back were actually worse than mine. Anyway, my point is that it is going to be tricky to get exchanges it seems.
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    I faced the same resistant attitude as well. If I had known this I never would have switched from T-Mobile for the Pre. We need to remember that we are the ones deciding the future of Sprint and Palm. If they aren't holding their end of deal and providing reliable devices, we need to do something about it.
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    First, an excellent narrative. You have a knack for the written word. Second, I had to make an exchange and got a similar runaround at first. Seems there are some reps that are better than the others, the trick is to fine the good reps.

    One rep fed me a line when she busted out my brand new pre and it had a significant oreo happening. She said they all do that. When I pointed out the display units didn't, she said, "Well we tighten those down." She basically was saying they do something extra to tighten them since they have the security devices on them. I stood in shock, so wanting to call bs on that.

    It is a good idea to take names and report your experience. Good and bad, give kudos and make complaints where appropriate.

    At the minimum, I would have driven to another store and looked for a more reasonable human being.
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    I have the same issue with my pre, the gap on the left side is about twice as big as it was when I bought the phone. When I push down on the screen to close the gap I too experience this 'click' as if the screen is snapping into place and then popping back out again once I release.

    This problem developed about 3 weeks after I got this replacement, about 30 days after my original purchase. (my first pre was a disaster and after many visits to a series of sprint locations it was finally replaced). Sprint treated me like a child and I had a very similar experience to the one you had in the store.

    After posting here with my issue about the clicks on my new pre, I learned that the gap was a problem that many others were having so I accepted it as is... I was just past my 30 days and I wasn't about to file an insurance claim.

    I ended up purchasing a T-5 screwdriver and tightening the screws just under the battery cover. Apparently palm isn't allowing sprint techs to do this, which is stupid. I've read that the screws are not related to the slider, and I would have to agree. However, after giving each screw about 1/3 of a turn, i must say that my gap has significantly decreased and no longer clicks (but it still squeaks). I'm sure over time, within a matter of weeks, this clicking will re-appear and once again drive me insane... but for now, I'm happy.

    Good luck.
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    You had a good story until you brought up your lawyer.

    Still, sounds like the store are assholes. I'd be pissed and would try to get revenge - picketing outside the store on a public sidewalk (where they can't kick you out) sounds good!
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    Just 7 days after I first purchased my pre, it began to have this “oreo effect” that everyone seems to be calling it. Yes it had a slight twist when I first got it, but nothing like what it turned into. The phone also had formed a crack, just to the left of the mic area. The phone had not been dropped, stepped on or even been placed any where other than a case, not even in a pocket, where it could get scratched! This I felt was unacceptable for a brand new phone, only being a week old. I did quite a bit of reading on this forum and felt that these issues would constitute a new replacement phone. So there I was, with my 7 year old daughter, waiting in a store full of people. Once someone finally came up to me, she asked what I needed help with. I explained everything above. She took my phone and disappeared behind this same door you speak of. After about 10 minutes she returned, “there is nothing we can do about your issues” she said. I too had taken a look at the display phones, although they had the same very slight twist mine had when purchased, there was no comparison. I pointed this out to the rep. She again stated that there was nothing they could do! I then requested to see a manager. (The name tag she had on only displayed Sales Rep.) She proceeded to tell me that she was the manager and that the “Store Manager” is only in one day a week and they never know when she will be in. So after some discussion back and forth, I figured that I may as well give up. I had decided to just file an insurance claim and have my Pre replaced that way. I then picked up my 7 year old daughter, while doing this, my shirt had came up just enough for my gun and badge to be shown to the entire sales rep. counter. I was just about to make it to the door when the same, so called manager stopped me! “Sir, I would like to take another look at your phone please”. I was floored! Could it be, the fact that my police badge and gun had shown them selves, accidently may I add, be the reason? Once again my phone disappeared behind the door. It was less than a minute later she reappeared with my phone in one hand and a box in the other, which contained a new phone. The swap was made and I walked out of the store with a new phone and no fee. All of this leads me to believe that not only are they trying to pull a “fast one” on the public, but are thy scared of what someone, maybe with a little legal experience might do? My personal opinion is this; if this lasts much longer I would be very surprised. This behavior CAN NOT last or it will be the down fall of both companies. I have been a sprint customer for over 11 years and I never planed to change carriers. If it weren’t for the Pre, well I think it’s obvious…
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    Well I don't have a Pre yet, but I am guessing my experience with Verizon is very similar. I found a nice way to speak to someone who cares (or at least prentends to.. LOL). It's very easy.

    I had an issue with my prior phone that was obviosuly a defect (a WM device) that was never addressed by the manufacturer. After waiting a year or so with no fix I tried the standard store visit and tech support phone call. As usual, no luck.. just low level lackys who have no reason to make a customer happy. The only way I figured I'd get some resolution was to call corporate, but getting somone in corporate's phone number is very hard.

    So I did a bit of searching I went to You can search for contact info on most big companies and you get 2 for free and have to buy after that. For this though, it worked fine. I found a VP of Customer Service and sent him an email and left a voicemail nice and early so he or his assistant got it.

    Within an hour I had him on the phone and since I had some notes in their system and I plead my case. He replaced my phone with another phone way out of the warranty period. That kept me with Verizon (which made him happy) and I got a new phone (which made me happy).

    Corporate has a different set of rules and they get stuff done as long as you can present your case and have something on their system to show you did indeed try the normal channels (which hardly ever works with issues such as this). Also having someone call the VP of Customer Service means their Customer Service is broken, so they never want to hear from a consumer that way. It usually works. Obviously you can go higher if need be, but starting there seems very logical.

    I would never pay for a phone replacement from Palm or HTC or anyone within the warranty period. The mere fact that Palm wants $29.99 plus a $400 hold on your CC for an obvious issue that is known is ridiculous. They should have just got you an overnbight label, you ship it to them and they ship it back overnight and not require you to do any advanced fee or CC hold. Or better yet, get Sprint to do it.. I am sure they have enough contacts and pull to get it done...This is a warranty issue not something they don't know about. Plus the more this gets out the worse it is for Palm and Sprint.

    The Sprint store acted 100% wrong and sometimes it is hard to justify going to one just for that reason. But I am sure corporate will help with that... ;-)

    Seems the big Wireless carriers are all the same, they hire mostly untrained and uneducated staff and either don't teach them what customer service is for a legitimate claim or their managers teach them to keep saying no. I have a feeling lots of VP's have no idea what happens in the trenches and until they get alot of phone calls, they will never know.

    I am sure there are lots of bogus claims going their way. But to assume it is not legitimate before you even talk to someone is a bit ridiculous. Cheating the system will always go on, but don't have your CSR reps have a preconceived notion before they even start.

    I hope this helps..
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    same thing happened to me.. I had bubbles form under my screen.. They took it to the back and said that it was just cosmetic damage and they couldn't switch it out.. They then gave me palms number to call..

    When I talked to palm the informed me that they have a deal with sprint and that these things should be covered for the first year of the phone and sprint should honor that..

    Then I called sprint customer service, which was a waste.. So I went back up to store.. This time a talked to another rep, who took it to the back and came back with it..

    He told me that everyone in the back says its cosmetic.. But he said if he had this phone for two months he wouldn't want it looking like this.. So he ordered me a new one.. Ordered on wednesday at my door on friday..

    The box says refurb, when I activated said refurb, but when I put in ##786# it said it wasn't a refurb and it was built on 7/22/09.. I was very lucky and happy..

    So just like someone else said.. Find someone with half a brain and a little heart and they will help.. Anyone can order you a new phone.. No matter what they say..
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    wow, these are amazing posts. I also tried to go into my local sprint store to get my pre replaced.... it has the gap with "clicking" on the right hand side and its just super annoying.... nothing someone should have to deal with for paying 200-500 dollars for a device. As everyone stated, they were very strongheaded and said nothing is "wrong" with my phone.

    If someone figures out a way to get their "clicky" pre replaced, do tell
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    I had cracks around the USB port and the oreo effect and took it to the sprint store, they would not replace it. Then, I remembered I had the battery issue where you put the buisiness card to keep the battery contact together, I took out the business card, and it started shutting down. I took it to the store, and the sprint rep was trying to convince me to take it to Best Buy where I got it from. I have sprint insurance. It is funny that people try to convince you to settle for a device you spent hundreds of dollars on when there are obvious flaws that other devices simply do not have. The Sprint reps constantly tell me misleading information. When I took this phone back in July, she said "Video is coming next month!" and "Ohh, it is supposed to twist like that". I try to balance between being too needy of a customer with actually expecting quality service. But it is a money machine, thats why they say "No" to valid complaints. I love this technology and would love if this market was truly driven by that alone at its core. That's why this forum is so great, it's people who are truly interested in following where WebOS is going. Its gonna be big baby. Heck, it's already big. But people still look at me like I am a geek when I refer to the differences WebOS offers. It is a very interesting time...
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