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    [QUOTE=ABBlockhead;1808754]My Pre is not happy these days. It's got three problems:

    1. Most seriously, the slider started to fall apart a few days ago. When I first got it, the gap between the two halves of the phone was maybe the thickness of a few sheets of paper. Now, it's almost the thickness of a dime. Needless to say, the "oreo effect" is pretty bad now. Also, the screen kind of rocks back and forth, vertically. When I tap anywhere on the upper half, it feels almost like using a Blackberry Storm, "click, click, click".

    2. It appears to have five dead pixels. They're only visible when the screen is mostly black, so not a showstopper, but still, they shouldn't be there at all.

    3. As I've posted about before, it's got light-bleed around the edges of the screen. It started out as one small dot, just off the lower left corner, a day or two after I bought it (which was on launch day), and by now it has expanded to be sort of a jagged ring, all the way around the screen. Not cool.

    So naturally I called Sprint, to ask for a replacement. The CSR I spoke with was exceedingly friendly and personable, which was great, but unfortunately she wasn't able to help me. She said the Pre is currently back-ordered, so they don't have any to send me. She then proceeded to call all the stores in my area, and somehow none of them have any either. She said one store out of the four had offered to put me on a waiting list for whenever they get more. And of course, they have no idea how long that will be.

    Why do I suspect that if I were to walk in and say I want to buy one, they'd magically have plenty? I've got half a mind to try.

    So next, I called Palm. Guess what? That's right; Palm's got no shortage whatsoever. Surely if Palm's got them, Sprint can very easily get their hands on as many as they want.


    and then what happened? lol
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    That really is a pity... I had to return my first Pre within my first 30 days. Shouldn't have been a big issue because I could demonstrate the battery looseness shutting off my phone. I purchased it from Best Buy but didn't realize I had to go to them. Went to a sprint store about 30 minutes away, they said go to Best Buy unless I wanted to make an insurance claim. I said clearly I didn't because it was clearly a warranty issue and had been within 30 days. Went to Best Buy mobile at a mall and dealt with complete morons. No manager and I honestly think they just didn't know how to do a return/exchange due to a phone manufacturing error. They said something so backwards, that I could have returned the phone if I had not shown them that it had a malfunction but since they knew it didn't work fully they couldn't accept it. They said that as I was staring at a huge laminated poster size copy of their return policy. I was like, it's within 30 days I want to return this and purchase it again then but got the same story from them about not accepting the return of a faulty phone. I explained that no where in their return policy does it say anything close to that (I did not mention that I was a contract attorney that previously worked for the 2nd largest firm in the state). Everything was pointless with these BB reps. They actually suggested I drive back the next day to speak with a manager after going back and forth for an hour already between Sprint and them. I forgot to mention initially the Best Buy rep said I should take the battery out every night and turn my phone off for the night so it wouldn't shut off occasionally on it's own. I realized this was going no where luckily there was a regular best buy store down the street. Night and day experience. Immediately was assisted by a manager. He didn't even ask to see it turn off. He was knowledgeable and aware of the problem. Immediately started the initiation process on a new phone. He was beyond pleasant to talk to while the phone was being activated. Another unsatisfied customer from the BB mobile store came in and bought a phone from his rep because of their bad service. That's when I told him my experience across the street and he was actually mad. He said he would speak to the manager of that store personally about the employees. After 2 hours of work I ended up with a new phone that I've had for 3 weeks now without a single battery cause shut off. I will always shop for cell phones and send my friends to that particular Best Buy store. Like the previous posted said, customer service is person specific and depends entirely on the employee.
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    Thanks for the stories everyone they are an interesting read...

    So I'm within my 30 days and I called 3 different sprint stores in order of how close they are to see if I could simply swap it out. The first store said I needed a reciept ( which I don't have), the second store said they hd to have a technician "diagnose" it first. The 2 times I brought it in only to have a technician look at it , he deemed the gap, clicking, and slider scratching normal.

    Alas, I called the 3rd store. I talked to a rep and he said " yep you are within your 30 days, just bring It in and we will swap it out".... And of course its the farthest away... Oh well, I just don't understand why all sprint stores can be the same :/
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    I would see if you can get in contact with a district or regional manager for the store. The people at the lower levels of the food chain can practice "Hear no evil, see no evil." They can only do this until $hit starts rolling downhill. At which point, they'll be ready to react accordingly.

    Also, how can they say some the defects are normal after a 2 1/2 month period? If they are experts on the phone, what condition should it be in after a year?
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    Unfortunately I have the "light-bleed" as well. I should've just kept my first Pre. It was good except for the Oreo. I exchanged it and was happy that the newer build seemed to have slightly more keyboard room and some more subtle changes. But this light bleed has been increasing by the day. At first I thought I'd somehow scratched it, but now I see light bleeding from both sides and on the bottom of the screen. So I'm going to head up to Best Buy this week and hope they'll give me another no-hassle exchange. I think I'm going to go to a different branch though to see if they have a more recent shipment.

    I'm still within my 30 days, but my bargaining chip isn't as strong b/c I got in on the $99 deal. So it's not like I'm gonna return it and go buy it from somebody else. lol

    So I guess the Phantom Skinz installation will have to wait a little longer.
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    After closely comparing all three phones, here are my findings, and my decision on which one to keep. First, it seems I owe Sprint a small apology on one point. That first replacement that arrived was actually from them; the second was from Palm. I only realized that after I took the return envelopes out of both packages, and took a look at the addresses they were to go to.

    The reason I had thought the first one was from Palm was simply because Sprint had told me they were "out of stock", while Palm had told me they'd be shipping right away. From that I naturally assumed that the first package to arrive would be from Palm, and that the Sprint replacement would take a very long time. My apologies to all concerned for not having looked at the shipping label more carefully before posting here. I know it's not a terribly important detail, which package happened to have arrived first, but still, I don't want to be inaccurate in any way.

    OK, now on to the comparison. I'll break it down by issue.


    The Sprint replacement is nice and tight, no flopping, no clicking, and only very minor Oreo twist.

    The Palm replacement is nowhere near as bad as my original, but it's not perfect. It does flop a little, and will click if tapped quickly enough (much more quickly than one would tap during normal use, though). Oreo twist is within what I'd consider to be acceptable limits.

    The overall feel of the Palm replacement is not quite solid. While it doesn't feel like it's about to fall apart like my original does, it does give the impression something is amiss.

    Point, Sprint.


    It's about equal on both. I have to assume this defect is present on a large number of Pres, if not on the majority. That's a shame.

    Half a point to each phone.

    Center Button Light:

    The Sprint replacement's center button light is quite dim, as I mentioned, more brownish than the bright white of my original. The Palm replacement's center button actually has both colors. It grades from bright white at the bottom to dull gray-brown at the top. It looks as if the LED behind the button is either crooked or has a burnt spot on it.

    This is a tough one to score, but I think I'm gonna have to give the point to the Sprint replacement. The light may be dim, but at least the color is uniform across the entire button.

    LCD Black Levels:

    As I mentioned, the Sprint replacement's screen had a splotch of discolored blacks when it first arrived. That discoloration has since faded, and is now undetectable. The Palm replacement's screen was uniform, right out of the box.

    This is another one that's tough to score. While the appearance of both screens is now the same, I can't forget that the Sprint replacement's screen was at one time abnormal. I think I'll have to give the point to the Palm replacement on this.

    Dead Pixels:

    Neither replacement seems to have any dead pixels. Half a point goes to each.

    I think that covers everything. If I counted right, the grand total comes to three points for the Sprint replacement, and 2 points for the Palm replacement. So, by that tally, the Sprint replacement is the one to keep.

    My only hesitation is that "if in the opinion of our warehouse technician" garbage that that CSR supervisor threw at me. I'm really nervous that once I send my original back to Sprint, they're going to claim there was nothing wrong with it.

    I will send it back, but not before I've thoroughly documented the problems, with pictures and video. If they try to charge me for a fraudulent insurance claim, I'll just add it to the list of things for the lawyers to play with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ABBlockhead View Post
    I said I'd continue to report, so here's a quick update. We're half way into day two with the replacement Pre, and it seems to be behaving itself nicely:

    The slider is still nice and tight.

    The black levels seem to be evening out on the screen. The discoloration I mentioned yesterday is much more faint now, significantly harder to notice. If the trend continues, it will (hopefully) disappear by tomorrow.

    I've decided to ignore the light-bleed.

    That just leaves the dimness of the center button light, which I'm just calling an oddity for now. While it does seem somehow to make the phone less pretty during use than the old one, it's not a showstopper, as long as it isn't indicative of a dying LED.

    I'll continue to monitor closely for one more day, and if nothing changes, I'll pop my old Pre in the mail, back to Palm.

    As before, thanks for all the comments, and especially for the stories. Please keep them coming.

    A few replies:

    @Obsidianeye: Welcome to the party. Glad you made it. I thought you'd enjoy this site.

    @06Eph: It's nice to know it's not all bad out there. Thanks for sharing a positive story. It sounds like that woman you spoke of is one of the very few at Sprint who actually get that SERVICE is the key word in customer service. But as with that tech support rep I mentioned in my second post, it's tragic that people like that are so much the exception at Sprint, rather than the rule. It should absolutely be the other way around.

    @bipoler: Perhaps my description of the black-level issue wasn't clear enough. If you'd seen it, I'm sure you'd agree it was pretty glaring. As I said, it's evening out as the screen is getting more and more use, but had it remained as it was, I'd be contemplating sending it back to Palm.

    As for whether or not I "got smart" with anyone, I can assure you I didn't. You can choose whether you want to believe that or not, since as you said, you weren't there. But the bottom line is it doesn't matter whether I did or I didn't. Customer service personnel, especially at the managerial level, are supposed to be well trained in how to diffuse all manner of situations involving irate customers.

    I've taught many a seminar on this. The very first, most cardinal rule is that the ruder the other person gets, the friendlier YOU get. As long as you handle yourself in a professional, courteous, and dignified manner throughout the process (and it IS a process), eventually the customer will calm down, often out of shear embarrassment once they realize that no one else is acting the way they are, and you'll be able to resolve the situation. In a strong organization, everyone who deals with the public, from the minimum wage part time retail clerk, to the full time salaried manager, to the 7-figure CEO, is trained on this concept.

    With a few notable exceptions, Sprint personnel seem to be completely lacking in this regard. Even worse, if that in-store technician was any indication, some even appear actively to be trying to swing the pendulum the other way around, attempting to incite a customer to anger where no anger was previously demonstrated. There's no excuse for that.

    @OklahomaTeacher: Thanks for the tip on Executive Services.

    @InterGalacticSpaceHobo: Sorry to hear you sound so jaded. There are lots of companies out there, in all manner of industries, who treat their customers fairly, and with the respect they deserve. Bad service, although it gets far more press than good service, is the minority.

    There are plenty of alternatives to just "dealing with these **** heads, as you put it. All evidence would suggest that in Sprint's case, the public has been exercising at least one of those alternatives, the option to leave, for some time now. There's a reason Sprint's been losing customers left and right for the past several years, and it's not because AT&T got the iPhone or because Verizon has better coverage. When people get treated badly, they take their business elsewhere.

    Another alternative is the one I'm currently exploring, the class action. While rudeness certainly is not against the law, systemic refusal to honor written and/or implied warranties certainly is. As soon as it becomes less profitable to do the wrong thing than the right thing, any company will magically become more honorable.

    @nrs: Well said.

    EDIT: No sooner did I finish writing this post than did my doorbell ring. Guess what? It was the FedEx man with my "out of stock" replacement Pre from Sprint. That was quick.

    Now I've got three Pres here to compare. I'll report back with my findings in determining which one to keep.

    All in all no one on this forum was here and I'm not challenging your emotions as to how you felt the situation should have been handled all Im saying is...people as a whole need to stop generalizing things not just on a cell phone aspect..( I will say it was a good story to read VERY detailed made me feel like I was there with you)...take it out on the person NOT the company I mean idk lets make things about the indidiviual not the company they work for, or say the race they represent, or gender etc.....glad you got 3 phones to pick from hopefully there is one that suits your needs. Best Wishes
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    Quote Originally Posted by bipoler View Post
    take it out on the person NOT the company I mean idk lets make things about the indidiviual not the company they work for, or say the race they represent, or gender etc
    If this incident had happened in isolation, with only one or two people having acted wrongly, I'd certainly agree with you. It would be a simple matter of explaining the situation to the offending person's immediate supervisor, and then letting that supervisor resolve it.

    But the fact that this ordeal involved so many different people, in completely different locations, from different departments, and with different jobs, strongly suggests that the problem is systemic, stemming from Sprint as an organization, rather than from any individual. Couple that with the fact that so many other people have reported such strikingly similar stories, and there can be little room for doubt. Something is rotten at Sprint, and no one person is to blame for it.

    Regarding your mention of race and gender, that's not really a fair comparison. No member of any race or gender can ever act on behalf of said race or gender as a whole. When a black man robs a bank, or a white woman murders her husband, or a Chinese transsexual helps a little old lady cross the street, those actions, for good or ill, are of individuals who do not represent anyone other than themselves.

    But when we are at work, it's an entirely different situation. When your role is that of an employee, you aren't acting as an individual. You are a part of the company, period. Every action you take is performed with the company's hands, and every word you speak is uttered with the company's voice. Everything you do is on behalf of the company. In a very real sense you ARE the company. That's the very definition of employment.

    As such, when an employee wrongs another person, it's ALWAYS the company's fault. When a pair of criminally idiotic Domino's cooks blow their noses in sandwiches, wipe their butts with kitchen sponges, and put the whole thing on YouTube, it's the president of Domino's who puts his face in commercials to apologize, and it's the company who pays for sterilizing the entire restaurant from top to bottom, even though the two cooks in question were clearly deviants. When a couple of overworked and under-experienced pilots crash a plane onto a house (as happened a mile from where I live a few months back), it's the airline, not the pilots, who is ultimately responsible. And when half a dozen different customer service reps and store personnel seemingly conspire to avoid honoring a warranty, the blame for that can only fall squarely on the company's shoulders.

    This is why I make my living as an independent contractor, by the way. I hate being anyone else's employee. I want my actions, my words, and my policy decisions, as well as the consequences of them, to be my own.

    I've had many an employee come and go over the years, and if I've learned anything it's this. If one of my people performs poorly, it's MY fault, not theirs. If they don't know how to do their job properly, it's because I didn't train them properly. If they're not trainable, it's either because I haven't yet figured out the best way to get through to them, or it's because I made an improper hiring decision. If one of my customers ever has cause to complain about something one of my employees has done, I'm the one who's going to apologize, and I'm the one who's going to make it right, no matter who actually did the deed that created the problem. It's my company, my employee; I'm responsible. I expect no less of Sprint, or of any other company, than of myself.
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