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    I know it says 6-8 weeks, just wondering, I can't find anywhere to check up on it.
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    Yes, I received my $25 referal. They will send you a spring labeled (Visa) debit card and it did take almost exactly 6 weeks.....
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    i meant Sprint labeled debit card.. sorry.
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    Yep, got mine.
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    I received my Sprint debit card with $25 credit on it in less than two weeks after submitting the referral.

    I've got an army of people lined up to switch if Sprint would ever erect a tower to cover a suburb located exactly one mile away from the local Sprint store (no joke). It is crazy... the moment I pass the "welcome to x-town" sign, my signal goes from 3-4 bars EVDO to 0-1 bar roaming.
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    I got mine. Mine was for $50.00 tho.. I referred two people.
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    My-coworker got a Pre in late June. He said the Sprint employee said he would call in the referral with both our numbers.
    I'm still waiting.
    I've checked this site with both our numbers.
    Nothing shows up.
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    I just checked my referrals and I'm getting a $150 Sprint Referral Reward Card.

    Sprint sent me a SMS text message telling me this also.
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    I got mine within 30 days.
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    It took about 4 weeks to get mt $25
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    I got mine in less than 3 weeks. Also got a text a week or so before I got the debit card.
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    Mine came within like 3 weeks I think.
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    3 weeks for the first card, next one should be next week i hope, applied for the referral w/in 10 days of each
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    I actually got mine which was for $50 about 3-4 weeks earlier than I got my $100 rebate.
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