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    Quote Originally Posted by BentEcho View Post
    Oh crap... you might be right.

    Hey, I've been there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tikerz View Post
    Hey, I've been there.
    The year 1950 was very popular im sure you have
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrloserpunk View Post
    you have the flux capacitor? So i just paid a $1,000 for what? A fricking old breakerbox with a few glowsticks attach. This is bs....
    I just checked my phone's calender and it looks like a seminar on time travel will be held two weeks ago. You might have better luck finding one there
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    Its none of the stuff you folks are talking about>>>> Steve Jobs got pissed off, told his few inner-circle scientists to jam signals going to all Pre's and turn the screens to B&W. This needs FCC's attention asap. Am I paranoid?>>>>Is Steveie wawa capable of stooping this low YES,YES.
    Going back to the post on a serious note>>>> my day one Pre did this after an hour of use and I took it back to the store the same day, a tech looked at it, the store manager gave me a new one right away. I understand this happened long after you got this unit, but I think refurbs are pretty stable units, just make sure when you go there to get it or you receive it, take the unit with you to a store "before" you use it, stand at the counter with a store person have them redo the ESN change for you, have them turn it on, check for ANY pixel issues and IF all is fine then use it. I say this, cause when I recvd a refurbed unit last month I wish I had done this because I got accused of "mis-handling" the Pre and thats why the screen is cracked.(live and learn) was cracked during shipment, but too late for me to debate that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BentEcho View Post
    I haven't tried WebOS Doctor yet.. Though, I think the sprint repair center tried that (it took them about 10-15 minutes in the backroom with my phone). I figure my issue is more of a hardware glitch than software.

    I've been told that I'd get a replacement so I haven't really bothered trying any other "fixes" (though I can for sciences'/other forum members' sakes- let me know if you want me to).

    The processor seems to be running the same speed as it did with normal color/resolution. So far from what I've read here in the forums, I think the best explanation is loose/faulty output pins on the graphics card..

    ..Maybe when my current (reconditioned) Pre was under the operating table they let a Pre-med student do the operation rather than a experienced MD and got some wires mixed up.

    Lastly, even though I was an avid palm os/treo user, I do not have Classic installed.
    webos dr restore takes longer than 10 or 15 mins. More like 45mins including the update if needed... I would give it a shot just for giggles. It would tell us if it was a software or hardware issue as long as you complete the process.
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    Yesterday my Pre was acting up too nothing too serious more than my email fading into a blue color I reset the phone and a contact icon changed into a moon image (top right corner). After a few hours it returned to normal on its own.
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    You know it's funny....I would actually pay for app that made my Pre go retro (as long as it could come back). It's just kinda cool...and I would expect speed and battery life would imrpove :-)
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    Did your phone get reset to default when you took it to the Sprint Store? If not, then they didn't run the WebOS doctor. You should run it, I've got a feeling it will fix this.
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    Awww crap mine did it too!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elysian893 View Post
    Did your phone get reset to default when you took it to the Sprint Store? If not, then they didn't run the WebOS doctor. You should run it, I've got a feeling it will fix this.
    All the factory setting were back to default and I had to re-activate my palm profile; though, I think it goes back to default when you preform a hard reset.

    I'll run WebOs Dr. on Monday when I get back from vacation and let you guys know if it fixes it
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    Quote Originally Posted by xtn View Post
    Does anybody suspect possibly it might be better to get a refurb than new?

    I mean with a refurb possibly they've corrected issues, personally and by hand, that you might get with a fresh one out of the box.

    I got a refurb after I sent my Pre to Palm to replace the cracked screen, and I got a dead pixel out of the deal. Pretty crappy -- and I swear the original Pre's screen quality was a tad better and I'm pretty sure it was more responsive than this one before the crack manifested.

    So no, I'd rather have a brand new Pre myself, but I'm stuck with what I've got.
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