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    Just read this article about a "Palm Pre for Dummies" book. Congratulations Palm, I think this is a milestone of sorts, right? As to the book itself, I'm wondering what the content is like, knowing that everyday brings some new discovery or modification, not to mention the pretty frequent updates. Won't many of those 300-plus pages become obsolete quickly?

    Anyone read the "T-Mobile for Dummies" book? (Not that I'm trying to categorize you guys here...)

    Chris Ziegler, Associate Mobile Editor at Engadget, who wrote "T-Mobile G1 for Dummies" -- is finishing up (Maybe it's done? Who knows) the "Palm Pre for Dummies", which will be published on October 19th. The book will basically show you the ins and outs of the new webOS all squeezed in about 300 pages.
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    yup we got more of them "The Dummies " no wonder iPhone was a hit.
    Speaking of which , do we have iPhone for dummies ?
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    Yes, I actually saw it at the library yesterday

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