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    I was at the Sprint Store earlier to replace my Pre (due to some sort of liquid metal leakage underneath the screen from the bottom right) and was told to come back in 5 business days to receive a refurbished unit. They told me I was outside of my 30 days and could not qualify to get a new Pre and that I had no choice.

    Now, I'm really anal with my phone and my Pre is in near mint condition, as I really took good care of it while my InvisibleSHIELD protected it quite well. I'm wondering as to how bad are the refurbished units hardware-wise and what to expect when I get mine. I heard that some are getting ones with slider marks and scratches in addition to the common gaps between the two halves, and I absolutely hate to replace a pristine Pre for a refurbished unit with wear and tear. For those who received refurbs, please share how your Pres looked when you received them and whether or not you can tell they were pre-owned (pun unintended).

    Thanks in advance.
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    All refurbs casing are brand new.

    What's refurbed is the internal motherboard (or other internal parts)

    From the outside, you annot tell.

    It comes in a white plain oem box with no accessories or battery
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    I just had to take my last Pre in sat and they ordered me a replacement. The refurb is probably the best build quality I've had yet, very solid. There is a small scratch on the corner of the screen and a few on the back cover so not all the body is brand new, at least not on mine. It was in the small white oem box.

    The only other thing is when you take off the back cover whatever the part on the inside at the bottom is, the piece just above the yellow strips that is U shaped has a black film/tape over it like all me others but this one has about half of that peeled off. I'm guessing its just a protective layer. No big deal just odd they wouldn't recover it.

    Hats off to sprint for getting me a replacement so fast. Took it in Sat night got a in Monday. It wasn't even a problem that stopped the old phone from working. The power button stopped working so i had to let it turn the screen off itself and slide it open to turn the screen on.

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