Well I showed the lady that sold it to me the colorful streaks ( What I presume to be stuck pixels). She told me to take it to the technician in the back.. I showed it to him and he wanted to take the screen protector off to see if that was causing it. He did and still saw the streaks.. He then took it in the back and was gone for 4 or 5 mins.. Came back and the streaks where gone. He said he wiped it with a paper towel..( Doubt it).. So then I showed him the loose slider and he said they all do that. I said I wanted to exchange it and wanted to see the warranty date on the new one. They tried to tell me my 30 days was up already cause there was 31 days in July.. I said to recalculate it as today was my 30th day. They agreed and exchanged. I then bought a second one for my wife. The sliders were much much better on these units.... I messed with a HTC touch pro at Verizon earlier and there is no comparison between it and the Pre.. Has anyone noticed there are 2 versions of the HTC Touch Pro with the qwerty slide out keyboard. The one Ver is selling for 99$ is much less quality than the high priced Sprint one.. $395 I think.... Interesting..