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    Why doesn't the Downloaded Applications list tell me the size of the applications, or how much memory they take? Anyone know how to figure that out? Looking at my details, I've managed to use up over 6G of memory, and I have no idea how?
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    They do....look in the app catalog top right side....
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    That would be nice to have. You may be able to tell that if you hook your pre up as a usb device (after the app is installed)
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    don't think there is a way to see what is taking what amount of space yet. I'm sure a program will come though. this is an important thing and needed.
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    There are several file utility programs for Windows at that will show you file sizes. Just plug in your phone as a usb drive and then open the drive in one of those utilities.

    Some of them even list the folders in order of size so you can quickly find space hogging stuff.

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    Something like Filez is badly needed. I shouldn't have to hook up to USB to find out how large a picture file is...or to be able to delete media files.
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    If you are using 6GB you must have music, video, pictures stored on the pre. Plug it into your pc and choose drive mode. Right click on it in my computer and choose properties. What does it indicate as the space used?

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