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    A week ago, we had a single thread to discuss the new webOS 1.1 software:

    webOS 1.1 New Features & Changes Found

    Since there were not companion threads for Issues and Discussion, everything was being dumped into that one thread.

    It has taken several days, but now most of the posts are now divided into these threads:

    webOS 1.1 New Features & Changes Found

    webOS 1.1 Issues

    webOS 1.1 Discussion

    Instead of nearly 1,000 posts in the New Features Found thread there are less than 200 that are truly new features found. And since we split this into three threads, most posts are going into the "right" thread. Thank you!

    Would you take a look back through the New Features thread and see what you think. Is this more usable for you now? Are there other New Features that are still not documented? Please click Thanks for the users who found New Features that are important for you.

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    Also, are all the webOS 1.1 Issues documented in the Issues thread? If you are having any of these issues, would you click Thanks to show you have the problem too?

    - Craig

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