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    Looking at both devices side by side on Wi-Fi, I don't see much difference other than the Pre's screen has a very slightly finer dot pitch. I sure wouldn't use this as a bragging point, it's just inviting someone to turn the tables on you (like how about recording a video on your Pre and posting it to Youtube, genius). Like it or not, the iPhone has a lot of ammo on it's side right now.
    Neither of us were on wifi.
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    I have had every iteration of the iPhone so far and yes the bitrate is limited on the iPhone over the 3G network. The way I got around that and was able to download and save Youtube videos was to load MxTube from Cydia which was about 300% better. Once again, you have to hack it to get the full functionality out of the phone.
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    I'm sitting here, three feet from a wireless router, trying to play youtubes on my brand new Pre. Six failures out of... six. Every time it has either frozen or a window pops up and says: "there was an error playing the file."

    And tonight my iPhone friend will doubtless be lording it over me and encouraging a quick switch. It has been a little disconcerting. Yes it was easy to set up google and email... but what's with youtube?
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    My mistake. my phone wasn't connecting to the WiFi and i hadn't noticed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by THAANSA3 View Post
    Much respect to everyone, but anyone who believes that the smaller screen size doesn't have anything to do with the better resolution is just wrong. It's of course not the only factor, but the smaller screen definitely contributes to a sharper image. XTN is right on this point.

    Anyway, I was absolutely in awe of the vibrant Pre screen after having a chance to play with one. That alone makes me want the Pre so badly. I'm in saving mode right now, but I hope to have the Pre very soon. I don't at all dislike Apple and their products, but I truly believe Palm has the chance to really challenge the iPhone if they remain focused on this product and do what is necessary. They cannot afford to get lazy with this project.
    I suppose people have never seen an HTC Touch Pro / Diamond... you'll go blind trying to pick up the details on that screen. 2.8" with a 480x640 resolution.
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