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    So, I was sitting there just minding my own business when I suddenly got a message on my Pre that it needed to reset itself. It said that I'd be asked to restore from my profile's backup. I didn't ask it to do this, so naturally I was a little apprehensive. Since it gave me a button to press to do the restart, I hoped that just dismissing that entire card would stop the process. No such luck. Shortly after I dismissed the card, the screen blacked out and I got the throbbing Palm. I signed into my profile, and it told me that there was no backup to restore. Odd...

    Anyway, it took me back to my desktop. Here are the changes (and not-changes) I've noted so far:

    Cron daemon: Still running (my wallpaper is still changing itself)
    Email accounts: Gone
    Calendar entries: Gone
    Address book: Empty
    Apps: All there
    Web bookmarks: All there, plus some I deleted: facebook, myspace, espn

    No big deal... the real strength of Palm's cloud approach shows here... I just set up a couple of accounts and everything's back. Anyone know what might have happened, though? Why the spontaneous reset?
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    This is weird. Just as I saw this post on the front page, I looked and mine was in teh processes of resetting! I kid you not! I just updated to 1.1 about 2 hours ago... But I did not get the message about a profile restore. This sucks as I just replaced my original one and got, what I thought, was a perfect unit. I am wondering if this is hardware or software related

    EDIT: I did notice that once the phone restarted, I had a voice message that was just left. But I never heard the phone ring.
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    Sounds pretty similar... Did you notice any changes? Bookmarks un-deleted, etc?
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    Quote Originally Posted by froggersloth View Post
    Sounds pretty similar... Did you notice any changes? Bookmarks un-deleted, etc?
    I didn't notice anything missing or changed once it came back up. Seems to be ok now. Hopefully it was an anomaly... Just thought it was interesting that I happen to run my eyes over the post and then see my phone rebooting.

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