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    So, now that Best buy took my non-working pre to ship it back to Palm, I'm waiting on getting a replacement.

    During my time, i have to use a temporary old phone (can't be without a phone (come to think of it, the longest I've been without a phone was when I was deployed on a Submarine for a month about 8 yrs ago) ). Its a 2.5 yr old Samsung M300. Its definitely a base model phone. I feel bad for getting this one for my wife, even when it seemed halfway cool in the beginning of '07.

    I'm really missing a lot about the Pre, and am finding it hard to get much done. I knew that I was really dependent on my phone, but didn't realize how much.

    I just need to keep telling myself that it will 2 weeks at the most, and I will have a brand new Pre soon enough.

    Anyone else have to activate an old phone while waiting for a replacement?
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    I have had to get a few replaced but the first couple they just swapped out on the spot. The last one I had to replace was last Sat and they had to order me a replacement ( i was outside the 30 day window ) but it came in monday morning so i didn't have to wait long.

    I couldn't go a few weeks without it. I don't have an old phone to activate. I always trade them back to sprint or just throw them out. If they would have said 2 weeks i would have just bought a new Pre lol
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    I'm hoping that I don't have to wait more than a week or so. I just didn't want to pay anymore money to get a new one, so I'll just wait (very impatiently)
    Qualcomm QCP 2700 -> ... Palm m125 ... -> Instinct -> Palm Pre

    I tweet a lot about the Pre! @bshedwick

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