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    Hello all,
    My pre is giving me a peculiar problem, the web application sometimes fails to connect to the internet. I'll open up the web application and try to go to a website, and the spinning wheel in the bottom right corner won't be rotating at all, it's stuck frozen. If I click on it to "cancel loading" and then click the arrow to refresh the wheel will rotate as it's supposed to normally, but it will do that for minutes and minutes and not load a thing. It's not my connection signal because I'll have my mom's pre right next to me and her internet will be working fine. The weird/funny thing is, I also can't use google maps when this happens because it says "I need to have an internet connection," but I'm able to run sprint navigation and sign into my AIM account just fine. So I clearly still am able to connect to the internet, but for whatever reason google maps and my web application fail me sometimes. It happens for minutes at a time, maybe up to 5 minutes, but it's happening multiple times a day which is enough to bother me. Is this some weird software bug going on here, or is my phone whacked and I am worthy of returning it to get my 3rd pre? I thank you for your input in advance.
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    It seems to be a bug as it affects several ppl (myself included). It doesn't happen that frequently for me though. Try rebooting when it does this and your connection should come back. Or you could try switching it to airplane mode for a bit then turn airplane mode off again. That doesn't always work though. There's some threads out there on this issue as well if you care to do more digging.

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