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    I am currently trying the orb route. It works but it is not as consistent as I would like it to be....however it is a hack that it even works ;o)
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    There were apps for WinMo that people basically figured out how to do the challange/response of the login, load the channels, and stream. My hope is that a homebrew guy/gal can do the same...especially if it mimiced the behavior of Pandora (with always on and using the notification bar). That would be worth some dollars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dianehelen View Post
    Kinda funny, to read that, as I have been a Sirius subscriber since it launched, and "my" personal feelings, was that after the XM merger, the quality of Sirius music slid dramatically down!
    It does depend on the channel. It is a recorded fact that XM stations generally had deeper playlists with less repetition. What is what I loved about XM. I used to listen to Fred 44 quite a bit. The replacement First Wave station is more alt syth than general 80's alternative. First Wave is way, way repetitive. I always loved Fred's 2,044 Essential's played over Memorial Day Weekend (or week). No repetition for 2044 songs! Take that FM radio!

    Oh... and XM's "IT" was awesome. A whole month of every charted song since 1930. "IT" would move up the decades channels so you could hear the evolution of popular music. They did it every year and it was awesome. They also started to add some 1920's jazz as a pre-show to IT. Awesome stuff.

    After the merger there were some stations that were not touched. The 40's station (yeah, I liked that one also), is great and continues to be great!

    I like Vin Scelsa's show, the channel was changed up a little from what it was when it was XM. I didn't like the channel when it was XM's Loft. The Loft channel has changed to be slightly more like the old XM adult alternative station (XM Cafe), which I loved. I don't like the Spectrum at all. Way too much rock in my adult alternative.

    If you want musical exploration, XM was much better. If you wanted familiarity -- face it, it sells -- then Sirius was better.
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