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    So I've been listening to music on my Pre with headphones a lot recently (beats carrying around both my Pre *and* my iPod!). The only problem is that the volume settings are awfully far apart. That is, instead of being able to move the volume up and down on a continuum (like the iPod or most music players), I often have to choose between having my music be too loud or too quiet, since there's such a difference between levels.

    I get that this is just how the Pre is set up, but my question is: would it even be possible for an app to be developed that allows for smoother volume adjustments?

    Thanks for any thoughts anyone has. This is not a huge deal, of course, but as someone who listens to music regularly, it's kind of frustrating.
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    I agree..I would love to see some sort of volume app and throw in an equalizer too!
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    An equalizer--great call!
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    Lots of headphones have their own volume controls. I know my BT headset does so I just adjust it from there. But an equalizer would rock because you could really fine tune the sound.
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    Glad to see I'm not the only one having this problem.

    I threw a bunch of music podcasts on my Pre because I didn't want to carry my Zune around. Using the Music (Remix) homebrew app, the podcasts play fine but the volume is always either just too loud or just too soft for my tastes (between either 4 and 5 or 5 and 6 on the volume bar, as I recall). Unfortunately my headphones don't have volume controls either.

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