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    When you have more than one missed call, the most recent is listed first. It had been driving me nuts that if taped that contact it would begin calling them instead of seeing who else called.

    Ive found if you tap the far left portion of the notification [where the red arrow is] it takes you directly to the missed call log so you can see all missed calls without dialing.

    It was bugging me hopefully it helps someone else too
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    Thank you! I actually called someone back when I didn't want to because of this.
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    I wish we could disable that. I called people back by accident to.
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    It makes more sense when you realize that the notification is actually two buttons. The larger button on the right contains the name and number of who called last. The button on the left is a call log. Hence, if you touch the button with the phone number the phone dials that number. If you touch the call log button you open the call long.
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    I would just like for the dev community to find a way to make the orb light up, when there is a missed call. There's so many times that I don't realize someone has called or texted.

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