If you've ever gotten the message on "login credentials rejected" or "too many simultaneous connections" - it's probably annoyed the hell out of you since there was no clear cut solution.

I'm on OS 1.1 but received the login credentials rejected message a few times on the older OS versions as well. I went to the sprint store looking for some advice/help and all the lady there could tell me to do was remove the account and then re-add it. This didn't solve the problem either. Instead I started getting a "too many simultaneous connections" message.

I was getting this on 3 different gmail accounts. 2 of which are app domains.

Doing some research in gmail's help section said that if I was getting the "too many simultaneous connections" message I should close some of my IMAP connections. Gmail limits the number of simultaneous logins for a single account to 10 connections. Your mail client may also open more than 1 connection in the background. I happen to have PostBox running at home and on my work computer. I generally never close them. I occasionally have the web interface open as well.

I closed PostBox on my home computer and then on my work computer. Voila! I could access all my email through the pre again. Neither error message shows up.

Hope this helps someone.