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    I have a Pre with a build date of 07/15 and the screen was pretty wobbly, almost to the point where I could look inside the back cover of the phone. So I called the Sprint store and voiced my concern and to see if this was normal or if the if the so called "oreo" effect was worse than what I was experiencing. With out any questions he said "I'll have a new one here for you tomorrow". I was really surprised, he didn't even ask to see the phone. Now I'm just worried I'll get a refurb or one with dead pixels or something. I would keep the one I have but I'm worried that over the two year contract this looseness on the front cover will get worse and worse. Oh well, I guess if there is something wrong with the new one, I can just exchange until I get one that's perfect. I wanted to ask the forum members, how much play in the slider is too much?
    P.S. I'm a novice musician, please check out my work if you get a chance, thanks much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2nd Day Riffs View Post
    ...I wanted to ask the forum members, how much play in the slider is too much?
    Isn't that really a subjective question? If it's too much play for you, then it's too much.
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    It seems like there should be a little play for shock absorbing. No good to crack your screen with a tight slider.
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    I was just going to start a thread about my great experience with Sprint.

    I took my phone to service repair because a small air bubble formed on my LCD screen. The guy said I'd have to call Sprint and get them to mail me a new phone since they could only repair/replace phones that did not work.

    So I called, explained the problem, and they said I'd have a 3-5 day wait because the refurbs were backordered.

    Well, I checked my email today and recieved a shipping confirmation email. My replacement phone was overnighted and will be delivered today!

    Best of all, since I have the $7 total coverage, I wont see any charges.

    It was never this easy with my iPhone 3G.

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