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    I was planning on taking my pre to the sprint store today to exchange it for a new one.. My issue being that I am having bubbles form under my screen.. The reason I am posting this is to see if I should be okay because of the following:

    I am past my 30 days.. (bought on launch day, but I do have TEP)
    I live in st louis, but I bought it in detroit..
    And I have lots of homebrew..

    Now I didn't know if I should delete my homebrew before I go into the sprint store.. Or if they reset it to defaults anyways..

    Thanks for any help..

    And yes I did search..
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    I would do a full wipe of your phone (device info -> reset options -> full reset) just to be safe...make sure you backup your usb drive. There's no harm in doing that, I'd say its better safe then sorry! Also I had an issue with an exchange and I went all the way to the retentions department, they told me that any store can handle an exchange/insurance claim no matter where you bought it from. Hope that helps!
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    Thanks for the help.. Imma do that and take it up there.. Hopefully I can get an in store exchange..
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    Just remember that. So you can see when you should pay and when you shouldn't.
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    I swapped mine for a new one, not reconditioned, after 30 days for free. There was a crack near the USB port and major oreo.

    If they charge you, laugh at them. If they give you a used Pre, laught at them.

    Don't take any crap, ask to speak to a manager and demand a replacement for that crappy piece of ****** they sold you.

    My store has swapped dozens of Pre phones for the same thing... bubbles, dead pixels, oreo, cracks... all with new phones, all free of charge.

    If they think they can walk all over you - they will. Don't let them.
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    *EDIT* Didn't realized I wrote so much, long story short, after three tries I'm finally going to get a new phone.. *EDIT*

    Well I went in to the store. Talked to the Palm Rep, who hadn't seen any bubbles like this in the phone before (He took pictures of it and sent it to Palm). He said that Sprint probably would replace it, but that he didn't know for sure. So I talked to the lady who hadn't seen anything like that before either. She went to the repair area and asked them if it could be replaced. They, along with the manager, agreed that it is just cosmetic and since it doesn't affect functionality, they couldn't do anything. They gave me Palm's customer service number and told me to try them.

    Reluctantly I left the store, and went home to call the number. When I told the lady on the other end what the problem was, she told me that Palm and Sprint have a deal, which covers these type of defects under warranty for 12 months. I had never heard this before, so it seemed odd. She then redirected me to Sprint customer service to tell them what happened and ask for a replacement. They gave me the same runaround the sprint store did. So I decided to go back to the store and try my luck again.

    When I went back, I told the Palm Rep what I just went through. He was understanding, but couldn't really do anything for me. When I finally talked to another Sprint employee, they too had never seen anything like that. He then took it to the back to see what he could do. Came back and said that everyone in the back thinks its just cosmetic and that i don't need a new phone.

    Then he said, "If I had a 2 month old phone i wouldn't want anything like this on it. Let me order you one." So just like that he asked if I want it sent to my home. I was in shock. Thought I was gonna be told to call another number again.

    I am not the most confrontational person, so I was happy to get all this done without having to argue. All in all i am a happy camper, new phone should be here by Friday, crossing my fingers its not a refurb..

    ***just an aside, the Palm rep said the App Catalog should be out of beta soon, and the only issue they have to really deal with is how the developers are going to get money for their apps.. Though i don't think this is any new news..

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