So as many may remember, I was having issues with Best Buy returning my Palm Pre. But, I took the woman's advice and was able to return it to another Best Buy just fine...

I didn't want to sit around while my Palm profile downloaded so I left the store only to find that the speaker was absolutely horrible. It constantly popped before and after every sound and everything sounded incredibly muffled with lots of static.

So I took my 2nd Pre back in 5 minutes and had a 3rd one. Here's where it gets a little hairy.

My Wife and I both have Pres and Best Buy didn't have time to activate my 2nd new one of the night. So I called Sprint and specifically stated which phone was replaced 3 times. Know what they did? Yup, they changed my Wife's phone to my new phone. So we had two phones that said they had the same number. I called again, explained to another person what happened and after about 30 minutes they were finally able to get it fixed...

NOT. It was mostly fixed; my Wife's Pre worked as expected again but mine still showed her number and only data worked. So I had to call yet again, get my MSL and fully reset my phone (I had tried two full erases before this).

So after about 3 hours of total work tonight and an hour the night before, I finally got my Pre replaced with a fully functional one that seems to work exceptionally with no "oreo" issue. Its warranty date is 7/13/2009, fyi.

Just thought I'd share my story.