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    add another line. set the other phone on a $10 a month add a line. cost 240 over 2 years or cancel the line she has now when its out of contract....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy K View Post
    well quite frankly i have to tell you that they dont know what theyre talking about if they told you that. out of the 3 years i have been a sprint rep in CA, i have heard this many times. for example, if you were eligible for 150 off the pre, and the pre costs 550, you do not get the phone for 400 dollars. you get the phone for 200 (assuming you get it at radioshack or bestbuy) same thing for the 75 dollars off deal. you dont get it off the full price. i dont know about the dedicated sprint stores, but at least for radioshack and bestbuy, that is not true. in theory, it should also be the same at the sprint store because it only makes sense. LOL
    I never said anything about the full eligibility. As long as I've been a customer if you're eligible for the full $150 i.e. 22 month pricing you get the same price as a new customer would pay at Sprint.

    As far as the $75 off even the Sprint Online system only gives $75 off of the full unsubsidized price, it doesn't give you access to any of the other discounts. Also that means you have to agree to another 2 years to get $75 off if you sign only one year it's $25 off.
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