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    Can anyone help, I cannot hear very well with the volume turned up as high as it can go. When I had the instinct, i could go into the actual phone settings and adjust the internal volume for the bluetooth, and actual speaker in the phone. Does anyone know if this can be done with the PRE and if so HOW? Thank you for your assistance in advance. Oh and please send out all those needed Apps....
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    I would love a hack to boost volume over BT.

    My Plantronics 510 was superb volume wise with my BB in my big rig, but I have lost a notch of volume to the Pre.

    Getting the same volume now requires pressing (and holding) the 510 in my ear.
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    I started a thread in the webOS development section.

    This issue has me looking at the Motorola T505, a $60.00 BT car speaker that also allows calls to be listened to over your fm radio. I'm just afraid outgoing quality will suck from my truck.
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    Ok, I know that there is a way for the internal adjustment menu to be accessed. Someone has to know how to do this. If it could be done on other phones, it is just a matter of time before someone with the talent to make internal adjustments to the phone chimes in......
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    I know this is a very old thread, but I am having so much trouble with the volume being way too low with the headphones on.

    I'm using the supplied headphones that came with the Pre.

    I am not listening to music, just some talk podcasts that I use DrPodder to play.

    If I use my external stereo bluetooth speaker that I purchase (its not a headphone but just a set of stereo speaker with a mic and can be used as a speakerphone), I can use that to get the volume boosted enough to hear. But I can't use that on a subway train or walking around.

    Is there anyway to have a boost volume!

    Can it be done if we 'root', if so, where would I find it.


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