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    I just had the same problem today. Transferred about 5GB of music, vids, and other misc. files from a PC to a Mac. I used the Mac to delete from the Pre after transfer and it still showed full, even on the PC and the Pre's sys info. I changed the hidden files option in Control Panel to show all and there was a ".trashes" folder on the Pre that was about 5GB's so I deleted it. I got my space back and haven't had any problems so far. (Can open apps, make calls, check email, play music and vids.)
    When using a Mac when you delete files they are not actually gone until you empty your trash. So if you are trying to free up space empty the trash before you eject your Pre.

    8GB does kinda suck, but it is usable for me. I have not had issues yet.
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    I don't think the OP is watching their own thread. People are trying to help but no replies. This seems to be happening an awful lot on this forum and it is rather disappointing to see people taking the time to try and help but the one seeking help/posting their issues not bothering to continue to follow up and finalizing the thread by letting everyone know the issue resolved and indicate what resolved it. I hope I wasn't too harsh by saying this but it bothers me to take time out to try and help only to see people aren't following their own threads.
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