I got my phone wet somehow last week and the screen was messed up so I paid the $100 to Asurion and had them send me a new phone. Due to a snafu on their part they accidentally sent me 2 new phones which arrived yesterday. Both phones were brand new in box (not refurbished) and one had a warranty date of 7/25 and the other 7/17.

Unfortunately, both phones had the slider gap problem which by itself would not be a dealbreaker for me. (The gap between the top and bottom slider pieces is much wider on the left side of the phone than the right. On the right side it's just a seam but on the left it's about a half millimeter wide.)

But the 7/25 phone also has oreo rotation complete with clicking sound and looking under the battery I could see the the little metal rail guide was a little crooked (the big one not the little one) but it wasn't something that could be fixed using the technique posted on this forum. The flange is not bent; the guide simply seems to be attached to the phone slightly crooked. I know a lot of you don't think this could be a big deal but until you feel a phone that has this problem you won't understand. I was shocked to see that this phone also had the slider phone reset problem where the phone shuts off when you close the slider but it only happened once. So the 7/25 phone was not something I'd accept (it also had a few stuck pixels but not a big deal).

The 7/17 phone's slider is nice and solid with just the right amount of play (just like my current phone with) but it has 3 very bright and visible stuck pixels which I honestly probably would not notice that much in normal use. It also has a few more stuck pixels which you really wouldn't see unless you went looking for them. My current phone has only one very bright and visible stuck pixel plus a few more that you can't really see unless you look.

Meanwhile my current Pre (the one I'm replacing) dried out and is now seemingly working fine again. So now I have a decision to make... Which one to keep? So I called Asurion and let them know the situation and they gave me 3 choices:

  1. Keep my current phone - Asurion will even refund my $100 which I didn't expect. If I do that I'm getting a known quantity where the screen is OK, the slider is perfect and the vibrator is far better than any other Pre I've used (and I've used a lot but that's another story). But on the other hand, it's been water damaged so who knows if that will cause problems in the future? Asurion also says that since this phone is now in their system as damaged they will not replace it in the future if I decide to keep it. This phone also has a yellow blotch along the top edge when it overheats but it almost never overheats so it's not a problem. This particular Pre has also always drained battery like nobody's business (it gets maybe 50% of the battery life of my best previous Pre). Maybe that's related to the fact that it generally shows fewer bars than the average Pre (though calls sound good and it rarely drops calls).
  2. Keep one of the replacements Asurion sent - There's no way I'll keep the oreo one but the other one is a possibility. On the downside it's got a bit of a left-side slider gap problem (maybe that will self-correct over time?), it's got more obvious bright stuck pixels than my old one and the vibrator is weak (like most Pres). I'm hoping its battery life would be a lot better than my current Pre and that it doesn't have the heat blotches.
  3. Have Asurion send me a 3rd new Pre - They offered to do this but frankly I'm not not entertaining this. No way I'd roll the dice like that yet again and end up with something even worse now that my current Pre seems to be working again.

I would normally go with #1 but my battery life is so bad I'm tempted to roll the dice on #2. Plus I'm not sure I'd want to go without Asurion which I'd have to do if I keep my old phone.

I originally intended to go with coverage from my regular insurance company instead of (overpriced) Asurion but I'm now glad I stuck with Asurion. They got the replacement(s) out to me very quickly and were really extremely polite and helpful (once I spoke to the right person).