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    Do not put your phone/Pre in your back pocket, especially when mountain bike riding! I fell and turned my Pre in a expensive **** protector. The screen is cracked and does not respond to touch commands.
    I have called Palm and they can not tell me how to get the device into USB drive mode (since it requires a touch to do that).
    I would like to get the photos off of it.
    Anybody have a smart ideas? (besides the obvious of not putting it in your back pocket)......
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    email um? o wait
    microSD.. DOH!
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    you funny guy....thank God I have it insured except that now I am waiting for Asurion to call me...its ok though, its not like cell phones are important communication tools or anything - heh heh.
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    you do bring up a relevant point though. If the touch screen ability is lost the phone is useless.. Should be something thought about in a future webOS update. Sorry man. Do pictures get saved on palms servers?
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    No they don't.

    You should try to back up your photos as you woudl back up your computer.

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