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    Quote Originally Posted by ivhs72 View Post
    The Pre can function on a 4g network, but at 3g speeds. The same way a Treo 650 can function on a 3g network at 1x speed. Big difference between being capable and compatible.

    No. The Pre cannot connect to a WiMax network because it does not support WiMax frequencies, just like the 650 cannot connect to an EVDO network because it does not support EVDO frequencies.

    Sprint runs four networks: PCS, 1xRTT, EVDO, and WiMax. Wherever you find EVDO, chances are there will be 1xRTT and PCS available, but they are not "the same" network. If all you can pick up at your location is for whatever reason WiMax, you won't be able to connect with an EVDO phone.
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    Does anyone remember the ad with the pre showing the picture of 4G on the Pre?????
    If it is not 4G compatible... is'nt that false advertising?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikehoff99 View Post
    Does anyone remember the ad with the pre showing the picture of 4G on the Pre?????
    If it is not 4G compatible... is'nt that false advertising?
    I know what commercial you're talking about but they never once stated in that commercial that the Pre was 4g. They just had the pre in the commercial, but they were talking about other stuff besides 4g.
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    You need a specific chip for the wimax access...the pre does not have it. I am guessing, like the iphone 3G, it will be the next Pre release...maybe Pre 4G? Newer and improved? We have to be earlier adopters or they wont keep trying to make it better.
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    Yeah I was just looking at the list of IC's in the pre and it doesn't look like its 4G compatible.
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    I go back and forth on this argument. I dont think anyone (qualified) has disproved the theory that the radio is in there. Honestly- how many people can lok at a tiny IC board with multiple radios and decipher which frequency each one is capable of?

    As far as I know the FCC does not require testing for all chips in the device- only the ones that are proposed to be utilized. This allows manufacturers and chip makers more options for radios that can do more things. The ppc 6600 is an example of a phone that was not 3g capable and then became after a firmware upgrade.

    If I am betting my guess is 90/10 in favor of NO WiMax.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Habious View Post
    So, Sprint is using WiMax for their 4G network, and Verizon is using LTE. Crap...yet another format war.

    I know the carriers don't care, but if they could all get together and pick ONE technology, then ALL customers could roam on EVERY carrier's network.
    Not to worry - there's not going to be a format war. Most of the rest of the world (GSM and CDMA) is going to LTE. Sprint is the odd duck out going to WiMax. Looks like Sprint's roaming capability is going to suffer just a wee bit.
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    No phones that sprint has yet are 4G capable, the Sprint rep told me the Pre will not run at 4G. Sprint has not released any phones and does not plan to that can run 4G until the 4G network is big enough around the nation.
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