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    I haven't had any time to look through past posts or anything but my pre is having call issues. its like i can make a call but i can't hear all. no dial tone, nadda. the call connects but its like everything is on auto-mute

    any suggestions? im at my work right now so if i must i will just swap it out but i would rather fix it
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    1. When did this start?
    2. Have you used the headphone jack?
    3. If so, put the jack in and take it out a few times, then try again to place a call.

    It sounds as if the phone thinks the headphone jack is plugged in.
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    actually now that you mention it. i used it on a quick weekend trip to CT in the car and i dont remeber it working since then. im going to try it after it turns back on. thanks, let ya know how it goes

    YAYAYAYZ so i just plugged it in made a phone call with it and i could hear them and they could hear me. so i unplugged it and made a second test call and that fixed it. thanks so much i really appreciate it. saved me from going out back and swapping it out

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