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    So, after a couple of weeks of just using the plastic film that came on the Pre, I decided to make the plunge and go get an Invisible Shield from Best Buy. I only need the front, since I have the back door for the Touchstone.

    I want the BB guy to install it, because I am terrible at stuff like this. He takes forever, partially because he is working solo and people keep coming in asking about stuff.

    While he is installing the shield, I see him spraying the IS with his little water spray bottle. Then, he turns the bottle on the Pre and DOUSES IT with water as well. I ask "Is that ok for the phone?". Oh yeah, we do this all the time - he says. So, he finally finishes and I leave. I know it takes a day or two to set, and it still looks bubbly.. but I am ok with the wait.

    Once back at the office, I notice the IS is on crooked. It is overlapping the right side of the Pre by 1mm or so. The center hole around the button also is off by 1mm. That alone is ok, I guess. But then again, it is making the slider mechanism a little stiff. Then, the phone starts acting up. First, I cant get it to 'sleep' by touching the top button. Then, it keeps asking me if I want to turn off/airplane mode/cancel. I hit cancel. 4 or 5 minutes later - it asks again. After 20 minutes of this, I decide to turn it off, and take out the battery. That is when I find water in the battery compartment!

    Now, I turn it back on - and the turn off/airplane/cancel is every minute or so. When I turn it off, it just restarts.

    So, where should I go first? To Customer Service to get my money back? Straight to the Mobile area (to the same guy) and tell him I want a new phone because he screwed up my current one? Or, because I have the Black Tie - go to Geek Squad?

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    Did you wait 24 hours before turning the phone back on like you are supposed to?
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    Why would anyone trust a BB employee to install an invisible shield? They aren't going to be any better than the average person. It's not like they have special tools for the install. Take your time, follow the directions, and do it yourself.
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    i had the same issue when my phone got wet.
    take the battery out and put the back of the opened phone and put it near a fan. i used the dash defroster of my truck to dry it out. No problem an hour later.
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    Lol best buy! I'm anal about my screen protector. I wouldn't trust some best buy A-hole (can we curse here?) to install it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by webdave View Post
    Why would anyone trust a BB employee to install an invisible shield? They aren't going to be any better than the average person. It's not like they have special tools for the install. Take your time, follow the directions, and do it yourself.
    My thoughts exactly. BB doesn't exactly hire the best and brightest. LOL
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    the IS for this phone was a bit difficult to install, had to get a second one sent ot me as the first one was stretched. It has been the hardest one to get off the backing without stretching. I had to pull it off...with tons of spray on my hands, then let it set upside down on the table for about 5 minutes...spray hands and IS again a bunch and then it finally fit.

    I still is a bit 1/4mm long but I think they just cut it a little big though they say their cuts are always perfect.

    Just DIY and have a little patience.
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    Go to your local mall and have it done. In Portland, OR we have several kiosks in local malls where they do this day in and day out. Remove the old shield, but keep it. Go to the kiosk and tell them the old one started to peel and you want a new one installed. You'll have to pay for the installation fee, but the shield will be free to you. They'll ask you for the old shield. I think IS reimburses the local vendor for the shield.

    There's nothing immoral about doing this. I told the salesperson that I had not purchased my shield there and didn't care. I handed my old shield, paid $10 for the install and I was on my way. It looks near perfect and well worth the $10.
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    I would usually jump at the opportunity to bash Best Buy, but before I got the IS, i had heard about how difficult it is to install. I paid the $8 for the BBM guy to install it and I walked around for 20 minutes came back and he installed it perfectly. Couple of bubbles were on, but were gone within 24 hours.
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    The back of my IS install ended up with bubbles. Did it the same as the front which looks ok.

    1. Will bubbles 2 mm across find their way out?
    2. Will scratches done from the squeegee thing self repair?
    3. How many times can you remove the shield and rewet and apply?
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    They did the same to me. Take it back and they will replace your phone. They told me they stand behind thier work. I did it MYSELF the next time. No problems now. I had exact same symptoms you had!! Good luck
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    Best Buy installed mine and it looks great. It took about 24 hours for the bubbles to go away and for everything to look right. It seems like you'd go back to Best Buy to get this resolved rather than coming on the forums to ask if you should go back to Best Buy to get this resolved.
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    evrything from bestbuy is **** i buy on direct
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    SO, I went back to the BB and let them know what was going on. The Best Buy employee that performed the install was there along with another guy. THey saw the problem, apologized profusely and exchanged the phone right away. They also refunded me for the price of the IS and installation of that.

    So, in the future - I will still buy the IS, but will do the install myself. I liken it to hiring a kid to cut your grass. Sure he will do it, but it's a crapshoot whether he does a good job or not. It isn't his yard - so he wouldn't take the same pride in mowing it as you would. Same thing with my pre. It isn't his phone, and I would take more pride in doing it myself.

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    I don't see what your problem is. Best Buy employees aren't trained to intsall invisible shields. You wanted the guy to do it so he didn't want to be rude and went ahead and did it for you and now you complain he didn't do it to your liking? Rip the thing off and do it yourself instead or take it to a ZAGG kiosk.
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    Do you honestly think they would take the time to do it for free? I honestly laughed out loud when I read that!

    It is a service they offer, and I paid for it. That is why I expected a better job
    and experience than I received. THAT is my problem.

    I am sure they have ZAGG kiosks everywhere in Louisiana, but there is only one ZAGG kiosk in all of North Atlanta. And, the very Best Buy I visited today is listed on the ZAGG site.
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    I would never allow some Best Buy lackey to install my IS. What qualifies them to place a shield on a phone? Do they have to attend some kind of Saturday class where they get a certificate of completion for the course on Invisible Shield installation? I installed mine myself with no problems, but was unhappy with how unresponsive my screen became with the shield on. I also did not like the hugely obvious orange peel effect of the Zagg product. I purchased the PhantomSkinz for only 5 dollars for the front and the screen is now just as responsive as when naked and there is no orange peel effect.
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    First, I have bought 2 phones from BB before my Pre. I put both shields on these phones. It is a pain but a little patience goes a long way. Both came out fine. It can take up to 2 weeks for bubbles to disappear, but they will. So when I bought my Pre, 8 bucks sounded like a bargain. I asked for an experienced rep to apply and watched him. Since I had already done it, I knew if he knew what he was doing. He did a great job. Best of all, no scratches on my Pre.
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    Had mine put on at Best Buy, the guy there did it much quicker and much better than I ever could have....... Hardly know it is there, screen response is great and I don't have to worry about scratches......
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    Did anyone else scrape the IS with the squeegee? I have three little scrapes that give a rainbow effect, it has been 24 hours and they are still there. Am I ****?
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