View Poll Results: Have you had any issues running with the Seidio Spring-Clip Holster?

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    Please explain your issues and your experience whether is has done good or not... Please only vote if you have ran with the holster.

    I have tried a couple arm bands and decided that I dont like them(AB5 tune band and one from ebay). I am thinking about purchasing the Seidio belt holster with the audio port and was wondering how it would hold up if I take it on a run. I would hate for it to fly out while running and get all scratched up.

    I would like to see if anyone has any experience using this clip while running/sprinting? Plyometrics would be the ultimate test...
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    I wouldn't run with any holster if you value your phone.
    Wait for a dlo or griffin arm band
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    I've had my seidio case and holster for 2 weeks now and run with it everyday. Works great, especially with my s9-hd's. I also ran with my treo pro for months before my pre with the innocase.
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    I don't know about the other cases.. But I am using my old "extream mac ipod 5g video 30g" arm band. fits well.

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