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    Quick question, I am really interested in this siedo (sp) 2600ma battery that comes out this week. I also love having my phone in a hard case. I read that the battery extends the phone about 4mm. Do you guys know of a case that will work with this? I currently have a hard clear plastic one from best buy.

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    Im returning my seido innocase today... its alright but they say it works with the touchstone (which in a way i guess is true) but it certainly wont stay on the touchstone

    the top cover also come off alot... i was constantly snapping back on...

    good luck!
    The Pre does WORK
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    that's a defect and they are replacing the units with this problem. email them and you'll get a new one.
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    I am currently carrying my Pre in my old HTC Touch case (fits like a glove, but does have SLIGHT room for movement)...not sure if it would support an additional 4mm though.

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