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    I have a launch day pre and never had an issue with the Sprint Navigation.

    Well my gf got one from Best Buy and of course as of today it is at about the 35 day mark.

    Anyway, on her phone she has began to have alot of issues with Sprint Navigation where it will say she needs a clear view of the sky. She can get this even if she is standing out in the middle of the yard on a clear day. The thing is when hers will say that, mine will be just fine. The problem is kind of intermittent, to the point it will work fine and in the middle of driving a route it will act up.

    So being at the 35 day mark, I'm assuming we are out of luck with Best Buy exchanging it. What are our best option at this point? Just taking it to a Sprint corporate store? Being intermittent my fear is duplicating it to show them.

    Wish we had noticed it sooner. She had complained about it a couple times and initially I didn't think much of it, but I think there is some issue with the gps on that phone.
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    When I occasionally have that issue a restart (Device info>Reset Options>Restart) always fixes it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by galavanter View Post
    When I occasionally have that issue a restart (Device info>Reset Options>Restart) always fixes it.
    Yeah, I've done some restarts on her phone. The thing is, I've never had the issue on mine, yet on hers it has happened multiple times. She sometimes relies on the gps, her blackberry never had an issue, so in her eyes the pre is unreliable for gps. My pre has worked every time we have used it for navigation. At this point, I figure my two options are try to get it replaced to see if there is an improvement or buy her a dedicated gps.
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    Mine is a launch day Pre too. I also preferred Mapquest Navigator on my BB. I use Sprint Nav every night for work, and despite not being able to hear it in my big rig, no night mode, and it messing up once in a while, I manage to get there.

    Being a former BB user, she shouldn't mind an occasional restart. But I guess the best advice is to do what the lady wants.

    I can't help with exchange info, but I'd wager the new one will do it sometimes too, even though yours never has...
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    I had the same issue with my Pre I bought on launch day. Sprint had me do the restart
    process and when that did not work they looked into it further and did some button pushing on their end. They told me they "restarted" on their side too and then I have not had any problems since.
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    I have been using mine for about a month now, and have only had that issue once. It was rather funny that when I searched for a location, it was able to find the distance in the list view but when I selected it I was not able to get GPS. I restarted my phone, and it worked fine. The next day I called Sprint and they told me that if it happens again to call them back while the issue is occurring and they will look at their side of the application.

    So my suggestion is to wait for it to happen the next time and call Sprint. Ask them to speak to Tech support for the Navigation, then ask to speak to a second level, because the first level support will not be able to help at all. Hopefully, in your case they will see something that is wrong with the account and fix it.
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    I have had issues with the nav on our phones since day one. I also purchased my Pre on opening day...

    I would say 90% of the time when I open up Sprint Navigation and put a route in there, the GPS never activates even though I have verified it is on. A soft reset works the majority of the time, but what a pain...

    Hardware issue?
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    Mine used to work great, lately I am getting no reception too. I'll see if a reset helps next time...

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