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    Nice. I about blew my drink out my nose at the end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ABBlockhead View Post
    Nice. I about blew my drink out my nose at the end.
    Yea that was pretty funny " we thru in a compass just to _ _ _ _ with you"
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    ROFL... I must say that was halarious. Nice for them to throw in the compass. Something Iphone users have ALWAYS needed.... direction... hahah j/k please dont blow up because of it.
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    Nice, though I can't decide which made me laugh more, the compass, or the ad on the right:
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    I like that. A lot.
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    roflmfao. That was awesome!
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    I think that video has been posted here about 20 times about 20 days ago.
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    WIN ^_^

    We know you wanted a physical keyboard, but we added a compass just to **** with you <---- EPIC
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    i thought the compass was stupid, until i realized it could be used to make some augmented reality apps... pretty neat...

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    hopefully the pre wont take 3 genrations to get global cut and paste and voice recording.
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