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    I have a problem with my pre shutting down randomly that started when I got it (this pre came from sprint and is a refurb to replace my pre that wouldnt power on one day) it happened a few times when I very first got it but got way worse once the heat started in.... about 5 to 10 times a day! then once it started to cool down it only happens about wice a day sometimes not at all. but the fact that it happens drives me crazy! I think the only reason it happens less is cause I am very carefull with it.

    does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone had this issue? I am going to be taking it back and see if they will order me another (idont care that its a refurb as long as it works and doesnt shut off randomly) but if that doesnt work then I will prollly just buy a new one (I hear great things about the new build quality) but I dont want to have to do that, so any help will be great!
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    I would take it back. A few of my friends had this problem. They bought theirs at a Radio Shack. I got mine at Best Buy and did not have any issues. I don't know if it was coincidental or not, but you never know.
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    I had the same problem. Mine would shut down randomly once or twice a day (never while I'm using it, but only when i have it laying still on the table). I bought it from a Sprint store. After about a week or two of it randomly shutting down on me, I took it back to the Sprint store and the technician said that the update should address it and to bring it back in if it still did it after the update. So I decided to wait for the update (which came out a day later) and updated it. It still shut off randomly after that, so I brought it back. I didn't want to deal with having to reconfigure everything with a new Pre, so I rather not have to have the phone replaced since everything else on the phone had been great. The store put a new battery in it and said that the battery connections seem to be a bit spotty on the early models, so they "cleaned it" and notated my account to just give me a new phone if it still does it. To my surprise, I haven't had it randomly shut off on me since then. Its been about a week.
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    I had the same problem. I'd put it in my pocket and then take it out a bit later to make a call and it'd be off. I took it back for a replacement.
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    Funny my sprint store replaced the battery too, and my reboots went away
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    Mine started shutting off randomly immediately after i updated to 1.1. Toughed it out for a couple days and finally swapped it out(at best buy). The replacement one has been running flawlessly on 1.1.
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    I have the same issue...
    and keeping things in one thread doesn't just slow down the annoyance factor
    it also keeps complains and solutions less fragmented and allow easier access to both.
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    yeah. as soon as I posted this I noticed that post right above it! lol. but while I was creating it it didnt pop up and Im not sure there is a search option is there?

    I think the reason it didnt show up was cause of the way I worded it.... anyway thanks for the help peeps!
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    I can safely say this has nothing to do with 1.1. Either that or my Pre is special. I use it constantly all day and it NEVER reboots or shuts down, NOT ONCE. This is more than likely a battery issue. I'd try to get it replaced or wedge it.
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    Are you sure that you aren't holding the power button randomly?

    Battery is the culprit.

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