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hey guys sprint customer care has been lacking, let me tell you a story that happened to me two days ago.
hey guys today i went to sprint retail store to first get me a new pre since my first one was defected and to get a price adjustment. So i went into the store and talk to this chick and i told her i wanted a price adjustment on my pre since i bought mine for $352.20 and THE Shack is 149.99. She didn't know what the hell i was talking about. So i showed her the The Shack AD and then three different employees and manager came and still didnt know what i was talking about. So, i told them I want my money back since i still within the 30 days. One manager got really pissed and told me do it then, here i will gladly give your money back and I'm like do it. Then, his supervisor came in and took him to the back and had a chat with him. The Supervisor said excuse my employee he is having a bad day. Then, i said there's no reason for him to be acting rude and thats not quality service. So After 4 hr, literally 4hrs of bickering and them moaning about giving me my price adjustment the Supervisor finally caved in. I talked to the Supervisor and he fixed everything within 5min after the 4hrs. He credited me 150.00 to my next billing account and waved my activation free and he said he will try to give me the first 2 months for free. oh yeah i got this in writing so he's not bluffing. Guess what after the nerve of the manager being rude he gave me my 2nd pre all defected and i went back there again and said he gave me a defected phone and the supervisor was livid. He personally brought there boxs of pre to the front of the store and let me picked one. I was so happy that the third one worked perfectly. So, after all this the supervisor gave me a sheet of customer care result. So he said you should give him a 5, 5 being the best service. I was like no way jose. I am not obligated to do nothing i was like here ill give you what i think seems fair. haha. I left putting negative stars and went on my way. Sorry for this long novel

So what do you guys think i should do? I really am unsatisfied with the care of sprint and i think i should talk to corporate
In defense of the store, you have no room to argue that they didn't provide service. IF you are getting all of that for free, I think you are entitled to stfu and be happy. That's considerably more than anyone else is getting with their Pre. Not to mention by jacking up their csat score they are all going to possible lose commission. Be happy they eventually caved, cause that's more than I would have done for you. People need to realize that a provider is not obligated to bend over for your every whim, if you don't think the service is fair, return it, and go buy it at Verizon in a few months, where I'm sure they would have laughed at your face for acting like a child.