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    Just got my pre today, i have been following it for a while, however now that its finally in my hands i feel like a total NOOB! Can you guys recommend some of its best features that i should take advantage of, or some cool apps i should get! just any useful info at all will be appreciated... I DONT KNOW WHERE TO START!!!
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    Um...hard to know where to start. Did your retailer give you any help? But try the Pre manual at:
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    I'd say, go to the App Catalog (you'll find it in the launcher) and download all of the apps that are currently available. There are "only" 30 so far, so not too many to deal with. Then, play with them to get a feel for how the Pre functions. Same thing for the core apps.

    Tell a little bit more about how you use smartphones or what you envision for your Pre (e.g., are you a talker, a texter, a surfer, etc.?) and we can give more advice.
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    I highly recommend Pandora, and getting a new background
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    Lol, don't download every APP... That's a time waster, tbh.

    Get used to some of the initial APPS like:
    1. Phone App
    2. Messaging App
    3. Web Browsing
    4. Email
    5. Calendar/Memos/Tasks, etc.

    I don't know what you really are asking for.
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    Thanks guys! These exact replies were what i was asking for! im trying to do everything with the pre, i got the simply everything plan. I talk and text and surf and all that, i just gotta figure everything out! These apps are what i knew i had to get, i will deff get pandora and a NEW BACKGROUND IMMEDIATELY! is there like programs to change how the way your call out screen looks, i like the one it has but i was wondering were there different ones, and like more themes for the clock and stuff?
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkfox View Post
    I highly recommend Pandora, and getting a new background
    Pandora RULZ!!!
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    After you've checked out the Apps in the App catalog, you should go to the Homebrew section here and check out the ones listed there. It's starting to get some great stuff.

    And I know that it's intimidating to think about rooting your Pre, but it opens up a lot of possibilities that you didn't have before. Just GO SLOWLY and follow instructions to the letter.

    I also try to avoid adding more than one or two apps at a time - that gives me a chance to try each one out at length and also lets me know which one might be crashing my phone. So far, I've only really had problems with Classic (some of my old programs crashed it - but nothing unrecoverable).

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