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    I was wondering if I should get it at Sprint or Best buy.
    I am have been reading that Best Buy has been kind of stingy on the whole returning for exchange. I have had problems with my Touch Pro and Sprint seems to be pretty flexible about the return as long as I say it's a hardware problem. So, I am thinking it might not be worth it to buy from Bestbuy just to forgo to hassle of the rebate.

    Also, I have heard issues on the build quality. I usually take great care of my phones and I am wondering since Build Quality seems like an issue are you guys signing up for the TEP through Sprint?
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    Ive exchanged two Pres with Best Buy, no questions asked.

    My current one is solid. Tiny bit of wobble and excellent battery life.
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    ive returned my first pre back to best buy, only problem was that i forgot my palm profile password and couldnt't log in on my new phone. (later ported all my numbers from my instinct phone to my second pre) this phone is solid, battery kinda blows worst then my first pre, but its probably still setting in. only thing i advise is if you get it at best buy/sprint for that matter, make sure to ask them for a pre from their last shipment.
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    Sprint. As I am learning Best Buy is stingy with their replacements.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ame View Post
    Sprint. As I am learning Best Buy is stingy with their replacements.
    I exchanged mine at Best Buy the day after I had gotten it because of the oreo affect. Didn't ask any questions other then why I was bringing it back and when I showed him he started the exchange and that was that. I also asked him if they had gotten many returns and he said not that he knows of. I'm sure he wouldn't tell me anyway, but they didn't give me a hard time anyway.

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