1) python novaproxy.py ( open port 8023);
2) connected localhost 8023 raw by putty, and root# mpt 0d;
3) install the diag mode drivers, the diag port is COM4;
4) in QPST Configuration, add the port COM4 (if select "Show Serial and USB/QC Diagnostic ports only", can't see COM4, if un-select that, then can see "COM4 - USB/Unknown");
5) when COM4 was added successfully, i can see my Palm Pre connected successfully and the connection status is stable;
6) but if i open QXDM, and in Options - Communications, choose COM4, the connection will be "5 seconds switch", it's always switch between "connected" and "disconected" (about 5 seconds);

who can help me aout this?

OS: Windows Server 2008 Stan sp2 x86
QXDM 3.11.36
QPST 2.7 build 323
webOS 1.0.4

is the problem from the drivers?

on my PC, i can use QXDM/QPST and CDMA Workshop on BlackBerry 9530.

thank you very much. sorry for my poor english