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    My wife and I both purchased Pres. She had an issue where her Pre would just turn off when sliding it. We took it to Best Buy and they exchanged it with no questions asked.

    Mine started showing similar issues but the big reason I wanted to exchange mine was because the screen "rotated" a little (I didn't even KNOW this wasn't normal until I saw her, perfect, replacement). So I tried taking it back... and Best Buy will not because they said I can't prove my screen came like that.

    God that's frustrating. They told me to try another Best Buy. I guess I'll see how that goes, call corporate or something. Anyone else have similar experiences?
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    Just don't let anyone touch it.
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    My Pre experience with Best Buy has confirmed what I already knew... avoid Best Buy at all costs.

    First my local Best Buy wouldn't honor the $99.99 price when seemingly every other store was selling the phones for that price. Then after I bought my phone elsewhere, they botched my Invisible Shield installation. I may still go there for the occasional CD or DVD, but I won't make any major purchases there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ame View Post
    Just don't let anyone touch it.
    Too late. They told me to make sure I had software updates applied and that installing them could have been why mine would occasionally turn off when opening or closing.

    Ugh. But they touched it and kept opening and closing it really hard to try and reproduce my issue (of course they couldn't).
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    Thats same thing that happened to my Pre the actual problem is that when you slide it to hide the keyboard the battery dislodges and then reconnects. Theres an easy fix for it place a thin piece of paper in between the battery and the the top of the phone. Hope this helps
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    I've had a totally different experience with Best Buy; I buy all of my electronics there and have never had a problem with customer service. Got my "first" Pre there; had the twist and had no idea that this was a problem until I found this board. Took the Pre back; they gave me a new one; no hassle whats so ever. I did have the "Black Tie" deal but since I was in the 30 days (I had it for a week) I'm guessing that's why I got the exchange.
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    I think some BestBuys have better customer really depends on the upper management at the store.

    There is one store close to me that has really poor customer service while another one further away is very helpful (at least at the customer service desk).

    At the one store, the people at the customer service desk seem to go out of their way to help you. At the other store, they make you feel like you are bothering them when you ask for help.

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    Yup, avoid Best Buy at all costs. Get the Sprint TEP and go through that if you're still within the 30 days grace period.
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    I've had mixed results with BestBuy. Any time I can avoid them I will.

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