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    What can I say? I love the Pre. I am not in love with the problems I've had since I've owned them. My first pre spontaneously shut off just sitting on my desk, and would shut off after snapping the keyboard closed. I got a replacement that is starting to have problems now....

    I'm not sure what the deal is but here goes... I have left the phone on the touchstone charger overnight, making sure the contact is secure, only to find a previously fairly charged pre draining down to < 20% overnight. I have tried charging it the old fashion way and although it says its charging, sometimes just DRAINS power??? Other times that it doesn't drain power it creeps along at a very slow pace.

    Has anyone else heard of this kind of problem? I think it might just be a defective battery, at least I hope. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    there is a small gap between the battery and the prongs, a small piece of a paper wedged in helps it 100%. I myself have the same issue, fixed the problem with the paper, but I am going to try to get a free replacement battery from Palm!
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    I tried doing that and I thought I made it pretty tight against the prongs. It's just not working for me!? I've tried different outlets, doing a reset, and nothing seems to work. I'm guessing Best Buy (where I purchased) would not replace the battery? Thanks for your reply! Anyone else had this problem?

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