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    I have been disappointed in the Pre’s Task List Applications. I have been using the Palm OS Task List since the days of the Palm Personal. I have depended on certain basics from the Task List Applications. I realize the Pre uses a new operating system, but I expected the basic Palm Task List functions and options/preferences to remain available.

    Here are the major things I think the Task List is missing:
    • Repeating Tasks
    • Tasks with time specific Notification Alarms
    • Option to Sort by:
    o Priority
    o Due Date
    o Priority, Due Date
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    I haven't gotten into it too much yet (just got the phone yesterday), but from what I can tell, there aren't a lot of options for how it works with Exchange Server. It just dumps every task I have with no filtering options. But maybe I'm just a noob.
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    No big issue for me, there is a notification that appears a day before the tasks date and doesn't really go away until you finish the task.

    I don't care for an alarm, when I use my phone and I see the notification on the bottom, I click it and see the task and thats enough to remind me.

    I agree repeating tasks is needed. I do't have a issue with the sorting since I put my task in certain groups. My top task all stay together.

    I think they should add these options but i have no complaint, just welcome any decent additions.
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    Where the task app really falls down is with sync'ing with Exchange. It has a nasty tendency to delete recurring tasks (like my mortgage!) and also any categories you have in Exchange. That's on top of the fact you can't sort by due date, by category, or a lot of other basic features found in Outlook.

    The fact that it does harm to my task list is extremely disturbing. We really need a better task manager, as that's part of of what a PIM is all about.
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    The big thing for me is the lack of categories. Tasks and contacts really need categories.
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    No quick way to just start a task and categorize it later. Have to open the app, pick a list, then click the new task button. I doubt anyone at Palm even uses it.
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    I agree the task manager sucks on the pre. Why is it so bad?
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    The whole organizing idea is worthless without categories sync to my outlook tasks
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    I would love a way to disable task notifications, just like you can for mail.

    For example, let's say you didn't complete a task on Friday, when it was due. I've found that I get constant reminders throughout the weekend about this task - when I don't even want to think about work.

    Similar scenario would apply while on vacation - I don't want to get a task reminder the whole time.

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