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    I just noticed that the time in the banner was off by one minute (exactly). The clock app was correct, however. I am comparing to Then I went into the Date & Time app, turned off Network Time and turned it on again. This corrected the banner time, and it's been OK for a couple of minutes. I suspect there may be a bug in how the banner time is updated, because it looks like the phone does have the correct time.

    Update: Banner got out of sync again. Going into the Date & Time app and toggling format causes it to update, but it gets 58-60 seconds behind rather quickly. I also notice that the time shown on the lock display is accurate, as is the display in the Date & Time app under Network time.
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    I wonder if the fast clock is whats causing long audio files to end early. Maybe the audio time line is using the inaccurate clock. When I was listening to an audio book on the pre and paused then went to my car stereo fast forwarded the cd to the same point in the book it was always about 20 seconds off from the pre.
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    I just started to notice this happen. Mine was off by 5 minutes today. Reset just now and I'll see what happens tomorrow.
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