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    I bought 2 pres at best buy and they both have a wobbly screen. Do i have to exchange them at best buy or can i go to any sprint store to get a replacement? thanks in advance
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    I have the same question. I called sprint store and they said I can take it to any sprint service store even though I got it at best buy.
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    Thanks, do you know if it has to be a sprint "repair" store or just any store, since i should be getting a brand new phone in exchange.
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    Most of the time sprint will want you to go to a service/repair sprint store to diagnose whatever happens to be wrong with a device be it physical or software issues. In all likelihood now unless the wobble is significant like more than a few mm of play I doubt they will do anything since even if to start there is no play there will be over time from sliding open and closed even if you are real careful. The more times it is opened and close the more the slider will wear out. They may even have instructions on what to do to repair the slider rather than replace. Eventually if they aren't doing so already they will repair and replace parts rather than the whole device unless replacing the whole device is the only option.

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