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    I have 4 email accounts on my Pre:
    2 - POP3/SMTP
    1 - GMAIL
    1 - EAS MS Exchange

    I only sync 1 day of email.

    Each day the older emails seem to be removed.

    Actually they are in the "Trash" folder.

    Now I could have 300 emails in 4 separate Trash folders...

    Question1: Is it faster to delete/recreate the email account when you have 300 emails in the trash or just swipe left-right 300 times?

    Question2: Have you had your Attachments fill-up with "WinMail.dat" files?

    Question3: Does deleting the email account really remove all the email and attachments from the Pre?
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    It is fastest to delete the e-mails directly off the server (i.e. using a Web-based e-mail program or such). The Pre is ridiculously slow in loading e-mails in the "Trash" folder and you have to wait for it to finish loading every e-mail (for the thing to stop spinning) before you can start deleting or else e-mails you've deleted will come back and you'll delete them again (so you'll be swiping a lot more than 300 times per Trash box).

    That's what I do when I have a large amount of e-mails in the trash (and that's nowhere close to 50, let alone 300!).
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    Yes. But that doesn't seem to delete all the attachments from the pre. By deleting all my accounts, the removing the email folder and the attachments folder from the data folder I got 150MB back on /opt now when I recreated email and attachments... I get the upgraded email capabilities in webos 1.1. I can click buttons to accept meet invites!

    It was worth it to delete all and start fresh.
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    My biggest concern would be why they are ending up in the trash folder. Since it's all three accounts that are doing this, I suspect you have a setting wrong somewhere. Were it me, I'd start over.

    Especially worrisome are the two POP3 accounts, since (unless you have your Pre set to leave them on the server), those emails are being removed from your server, and then "automatically" deleted on your Pre.
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    All the deleted were in separate trash, one for each account.

    The pop accounts are set to leave it in the server...and not sync the deleted.
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    Swipe, swipe, swipe..... unless the emails in the trash folders are gone from the server as well. If not, you'll get them again and have to delete them.

    I have to admit, the trash folder issues really is an issue. It's really nothing more than a storage folder that stores the actual email (if you have delete sync on) after it deletes it off the server. Then requires a delete to actually get rid of them. There really needs to be a way to empty the trash folders more conveniently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dld121 View Post
    All the deleted were in separate trash, one for each account.

    The pop accounts are set to leave it in the server...and not sync the deleted.
    In that case, since you can safely delete the accounts without losing information, I would delete all of the accounts and re-enable them one at a time. Make sure the first one works correctly before adding the others. If it doesn't track down the problem that's causing the emails to go to the trash. It should not be doing this.
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    Swipe delete works well. I don't think the majority of pre owners know about it. I happened apron it by accident. Its one of my favorite features.

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